Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's!  A special Happy Mother's Day to my mom who has been there through and through for both Adam and I over this last year.  My mom has really shown me what it means to have a servant's heart for Jesus!  I love you mom!  Thanks for all you have done for me!

I consider myself blessed that God has chosen me to be Mackenzie's mom.  Adam has always taken Mackenzie out before Mother's Day and planned something really special for me.  Last Mother's Day Adam made me the most amazing garden bed that sat on our deck, he and Mackenzie both worked hard on making it.  Then he bought me the most beautiful orchid plant and took me out for sushi and a movie.  Memories I have treasured over this last year, because that was really our last date night before his accident.  Mackenzie surprised me and carried on the tradition... we went to Hallmark earlier this week to get Mother's day cards for my mom and Adam's mom, Mackenzie asked if she could have several dollars... I put two and two together and figured she was going to buy me a Mother's Day card, but she did more than I imagined.  She surprised by getting a card for me from Adam... here's what the card said...  "For the woman I cherish, Loving you is so much a part of me that sometimes I forget to tell you how much I appreciate you... and how my life is filled with blessings because of you.  So it's nice to have a special day just to honor you, and to thank God for giving me such an amazing, wonderful wife!"  She gave Adam a pen and he tried to write his name on my card.  It's so special.  Then she did even more... Terri, Adam's OT helped Mackenzie get a few supplies and Mackenzie and Adam decorated a pot and planted rosemary in it.  What an amazing, thoughtful, and precious child God has given me.  Psalm 127:3 Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.

After church today, we spent the rest of the day with Adam at our apartment.  It was so awesome getting to be at home together.  Adam decided to take a Sunday snooze on the couch and I just loved seeing him rest there and how normal it seemed.  Adam called his mom and wished her a Happy Mother's Day.  We watched Dispicable Me, he kept me company while I made dinner and dessert for us... and then after dinner when Mackenzie and I stood up from the table to clear it, Adam decided he didn't want his wheelchair anymore and wanted to stand and walk too.  This led to quite a bit of frustration and agitation for him, so much so that when I couldn't convince him to stay in his chair for safety... thankfully we live so close, that I just sent Mackenzie over to have one of the therapy assitants to help.  The therapy assistant did great, she gave Adam the time he needed to succeed at the task he was working on and stood by as Adam was finally able to push himself into standing position on his own, but that wasn't good enough for him... he wanted to walk too, thankfully Suzette was there and trained to do all of this (I am still healing from surgery and haven't been cleared yet to assist Adam).  So they took a few steps towards the closet so Adam could check it out and then got back to his chair.  I am so proud of Adam, his determination, persistance, and perseverance are all qualties that I admire in him.  I love watching him succeed after being so determined to do something on his own.  I am so poud of you Adam!

Please continue to pray for Adam as he continues to become more aware of his surroundings, he also becomes aware of his deficits, and he has a difficult time understanding.  Please pray that he will be able to understand quickly so that he won't become so agitiated.  Also pray againist any discouragement that could be a result from understanding his deficits... none of them are lifelong deficits praise the Lord... just ones he needs to work through.  Pray for his strength and understanding as he works through them all... And please, please never give up praying for FULL healing, healing above and beyond what we can imagine or comprehend... our God is bigger, and what a mighty God we serve!  To Him be the glory for the healing that has already taken place!

If you didn't read Tuesday's post (CLICK HERE), please read it, please consider sending in a letter of encouragement to Adam, we know we can't do this journey without all of you!  Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Amy. It was such a wonderful surprise when Adam called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. I am so thankful for you Adam, Mackenzie, Renae, Cameron, Brooke, Beto, Daniel and Amy (aka little bit) in my life. Thank you for making mother's day so special.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

What a precious child. Father gave you a wonderous Mother's Day Gift in YOur sweet Mackenzie. I am so proud of Adam. He's doing well. I love you and continue to trust Father for all of you. Marion

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