Thursday, May 5, 2011

Did You Plan A Wedding or A Marriage?

Just go with me here, and be honest... when you were planning your wedding how much did it consume your thoughts, your free time, your conversations... your life for that season? 

Now how much did you plan for your marriage?  Maybe one hour a week for six weeks as you attended marriage counseling. 

The most important day of our marriage isn't our wedding day (I know this may shock you), it's the last day of our marriage when we stand before our Maker.  How much do we plan for the last day of our marriage?  What are you doing today to prepare for that day?  Are you loving Jesus, loving your spouse, loving your kids... in that order? 

The most important aspect of all that the wedding represents, is too often neglected ahead of time. The wedding ceremony commemorates the first day of a life-long journey that needs to be diligently prepared for in advance. This is to insure that the love and honor the couple that is getting married is pledging a covenant vow with one another and with God, gets the most optimal start in marriage. From that day forward, and for the rest of their lives, a new life together as husband and wife begins—set forth as a team, with God and for God. For the act of marriage is ALL ABOUT GOD. It’s not about us—we get that so twisted around. It’s all about God. We miss the “mission of marriage.”

God designed marriage to draw us closer to Him and to make us more like him.  One of my favorite books I have read on marriage is "Sacred Marriage" by Gary Thomas, he writes... "What if God didn't design marriage to be 'easier'? What if God had an end in mind that went beyond our happiness, our comfort, and our desire to be infatuated and happy as if the world were a perfect place? What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?"

So I ask you again, what are you doing today to plan for your last day of marriage, for your journey to make you holy... are you seeking God for guidance?  Are you first and foremost seeking him first?  There is one foolproof way you can plan for the most important day of your marriage, and that is pray together.  I love the quote "a couple that prays together, stays together"  Statistics have shown that less that 1% of couples you pray together everyday end up separating.... It's like insurance for marriage. 

FamilyLife® has surveyed of thousands of Christian couples and found that less than 8% pray together on regular basis.  So I challenge you to whether in the morning before you rush out the door or in the evening after the kids are in bed, spend time with your spouse in prayer.  It may fell awkward at first and maybe even uncomfortable, but God will bless it and it will become the most intimate time you spend together... don't believe me, try it... I dare you.  Guys, if I could just speak to you for one moment, praying with your wife, for your wife, and over your wife... this will forever change her.  This will provide intimacy for her in ways you will never be able to understand.  When you pray with her, it will make her feel so loved.  Please make this a habit in your marriage... prepare for that last day of your marriage. 

Adam and I set time aside everyday prior to his accident for a cup of coffee, a devotion, and time in prayer... and I am so glad we did... through his prayers for me and with me, I could hear the heart of my husband... I was able to see into his soul... what a gift he has given me.  We have continued this practice of praying together even through this journey, when Adam has been unable to pray I pray, but we still pray together.  I feel honored and cherished by my man in the moments we spend praying together.  Colossians 4:2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

If you didn't read Tuesday's post (CLICK HERE), please read it, please consider sending in a letter of encouragement to Adam, we know we can't do this journey without all of you!

Thank you all so much for your prayers for Adam as he is going through a very difficult stage in his recovery... the confusion and agitation, while it's a good sign of healing and the brain making new connections as well as a sign that Adam is coming out of the fog he has been in for so long... it's also very hard to watch Adam suffer from his confusion.  I ask you all to please continue to keep my man in your prayers, you all have been so faithful and we are so blessed.

Adam had a great day of therapies, he spends close to two hours a day walking with the assistance of a therapist and his walker... and everyday he is growing stronger and more independent in his walk, it truly is amazing!  He has handled all his transfers with minimal assistance, he is amazing at how strong he is!  In speech today, Lily worked with Adam on writing his name, the ABC's, and more.  This afternoon Adam and I began to plan for the Kentucky Derby we are hosting here at NeuroRestorative on Saturday.  Adam's family is in the horse racing business and the Derby is an exciting event, so we are participating by hosting a party!

Then this evening we spent time together outside creating such wonderful memories!  Mackenzie brought over bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and a Frisbee and we stayed up and out way too late... but we shared some very special moments and lots of great laughs.  I just love my family!

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Anonymous said...

You know, my friend, I have learned I am honoring my Jesus when I honor my husband. When I dishonor my Dave, it is Jesus I dishonor. That puts a different light on marriage between believers. We often forget when we accept Jesus, the Holy Spirit lives in us, and when we mistreat our spouse, we are really mistreating the Holy Spirit. I might get extremely angry with my Dave at times, but thaat in no way changes any of the above. Too, Father wrote for a reason, It's principalities and powers of darkness that are coming against us, not flesh and blood. When I stand before my Lord, I want to hear "This is my beloved son(daughter) in whom I am well pleased. I honor my husband, not just because I honor him, BUT because I honor my Jesus. Thank you for being Jesus in His Amy form. I love you, Marion

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