Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dan and Adam

Tonight is a quick update night...

Today seemed like a very busy day, just a constant go, go, go kind of day... and it's leaving me quite tired so I apologize that this will not really be much of an update... just me sharing my favorite moment from the day.

I mentioned a few days ago about Dan... Dan is Adam's favorite aide that is assigned to Adam when he's working at NeuroRestorative.  Dan has been an answer to prayer and a huge blessing for me... anytime Dan is working I can just relax and enjoy myself and I know Adam is well cared for in Dan's hands.  On the days Dan works, he has become part of the family.  We schedule most of our outings when Dan is on so that he can come with us and help with Adam's needs, like helping Adam to a public men's restroom (something that I am just not able to do).  Tonight was one of Dan's nights, so as soon as he got to NeuroRestortative we took off.  We walked to the park and watched Mackenzie play and tossed the ball around.  It was such a nice evening and I just love getting Adam outdoors.

Dan is currently a nursing student and is amazing and passionate at all that he does.  Working with this patient population can be challenging, but I am convinced that Dan has found his calling.  I know God has brought Dan to us for such a time as this... he doesn't just treat Adam like someone he is giving care to, he treats him as a friend and gives Adam the upmost respect... treating my man like the man that he is, what a blessing! With every participant at NeuroRestorative I have seen Dan reach out and encourage them... I have seen him give 110% every time he has been on the job, no matter who he's working with, whether it's Adam or another participant.  We are so blessed to have Dan and I pray that he will continue to be able to work with Adam.  Thank you Dan for all you do.

Dan, Stacy, and myself

I love God's forsight, and that He is always taking care of our needs.  Throughout this journey our needs have grown and changed, and yet through it all God has provided and continues to provide all that we need... including staff like Dan.  Philippians 4:19  And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.  Praise the Lord for His provisions, and that He is all knowing! 


Anonymous said...

Dan sounds like a real sweetheart. I am glad Father gave him to you. He (Father) knew just what you needed.....you know, He had Dan planned for you before the beginning of time. I love you and continue to trust Father for you all. Marion

Anonymous said...

Dan looks like a lovely man. Such a sweet face.

Anonymous said...

Dan certainly is a fine young man with a big heart - and someone who has developed a great friendship with Adam ! I had the pleasure of meeting him durimg my visit - and he is as kind and friendly as his face reveals in photos ! Thank you Dan for all you do for Adam and the rest of the family !


Anonymous said...

Father, thank you so much for Dan and all that he means to the Root family and all us that feel connected to them as family ! We are grateful that you placed Dan in their lives at just this time and we thank you for how the Root family is blessing Dan too !

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