Friday, April 22, 2011

YAY For The Internet!!!

What did we ever do before the internet?  One thing is for sure, I am so thankful for the internet so that I keep so many of you updated without having the phone glued to my ear!   Praise the Lord for the internet! 

Where do I even start, this has been such an exciting week as well as a difficult week.  Thank you to the many of you who made our flight possible, thank you just doesn't seem like enough.  God will repay what we cannot, than you.  Our flight leaving Boston was perfect, we left without a glitch, the flight itself was amazing and Adam just sat in his seat and looked out the window.  We were sitting directly across from eachother on the plane and at one point he reached for my hand, pulled me towards him and kissed me, then he said "I love you!"  Oh how I love that man, how sweet is that!  When we landed NeuroRestorative picked us up and off we went, the beginning of our next chapter (by far my favorite yet!).  When we arrived to Adam's new room we were welcomed with a banner welcoming Adam as well as a plant and a card from the staff there.  Adam's room is set up like a studio apartment, he's got a bed, a little living area, small kitchen, full bathroom and a couple closets... it's amazing.  When I get my act together I will take pictures. 
Mackenzie on the plane to Orlando, FL

Our pilots and plane that flew us from Boston to Orlando

Right away at NeuroRestorative the staff is AMAZING... caring for Adam, anticipating his needs, doing everything they can to learn him and get to know him.  There is plenty of men on staff here which has really helped Adam.  When I am not with Adam, he is assigned a one to one, which means one staff member is with Adam all the time while I'm not there.  Yesterday and today he was assigned to a guy Javier, Adam really enjoys spending time with him, and Javier is great for Adam.  He's patient, yet he challenges Adam... he encourages Adam in ways that only another man can do!  Praise the Lord for the men that are working with Adam. 

Adam has had an amazing week in therapies, he averages between 5 and 6 hours of therapy a day.  He has been participating in group therapy, yoga classes, outings... he's had a busy week already!  Adam has consistently washed himself in the shower and everyday has dressed himself with very minimal assistance.  His voice is the loudest yet, he has been regularly talking in a tone that I can hear, it's so great to hear his voice.  He's even starting to communicate his needs and desires... it's been an amazing week!

Tonight was really special for us, our friends James and Temarie were in town and stopped by for a visit.  It was amazing to see Adam respond to them... I wasn't sure what to expect, I thought I would have to introduce them to him, but instead he knew who they were and was excited to see them as soon as they walked in!  It was amazing to see that he knew them and was so excited!  We were able to take Adam out to dinner tonight, it was amazing!  Where we are is walking distance to many places, so James and Temarie asked Adam what he wanted for dinner and he said pizza, when they asked what kind he said peperoni... so we went out for peperoni pizza!  It was so cool, Adam carried on conversations with us, laughed with us, ate well... it was so cool.  Then we walked down the street and got ice cream and he enjoyed it so much. 

 When we were getting ready to leave, we were taking pictures and I asked Adam to take a picture of us and he did, it was so cool. 
 James, Temarie, Mackenzie, and I at dinner tonight

 Temarie, Me, James, and Mackenzie... this is the picture that Adam took!  He did great!

Adam also took this picture of Temarie and I

God is so good, all I can do is praise Him for His goodness and faithfulness in Adam's healing process.  I stand in awe of who He is and all that He has done.  This week while I wasn't feeling well, I had a difficult time sleeping at night and I laid awake for many hours reading God's word, what an honor it is to be able to have a Bible and to be able to read it, I am truly thankful for that.  God is really teaching me what it means to be still and wait on Him... in fact I must be a difficult student because every time God has brought me to be still before Him, He usually lays me out flat to do so.  Last year, March 2010, I was so sick for weeks and finally God took me out and I was in bed for 4 days straight when He told me I was to go into a season of stillness before Him.  I cut back on a lot of my commitments, I scaled down our involvements, and I spent hours and hours with my first love, learning about Him, reading about Him, and trying to figure out how to walk in this weary land the way I felt like He was calling me to.  I didn't know how long or even why at the time I was in a season of stillness, and I questioned Him for a long time.  From end of March 2010, till the day of Adam's accident May 15, 2010 I spent time being still.  Now it's no secret why God gave me those 6 weeks with Him, He was preparing me and equipping me for this journey He has us on... isn't God amazing! 

This last week of being sick, and unable to sleep, God is really showing me and teaching me in so many tangible ways what it means to trust in Him and to be still and wait for Him.  When we still our lives, and our souls, we can really see who God is and hear Him.  Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for our family and how He plans to use this time as I recover and be still before Him.  He will use it for this I am sure of.

Thank you to so many of you who were specifically praying for my health. I am finally feeling better! Praise the Lord for antibiotics and the wisdom given to doctors over mine and Adam's care!  Shout to the Lord right now with a voice of thanksgiving and rejoice for all the healing that He has done in Adam's brain... I'm serious, shout!  God you are so faithful, loving, and good, thank you for the healing that has taken place in Adam's brain!   We trust you as you rebuild Adam from the inside out!  Psalm 98:4 Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music.

We are honored and blessed by your prayers and faithfulness in lifting our family up... we are so deeply humbled, thank you!


Carlee said...

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! So amazing to get to hear about your outing with friends and ADAM! Hooray for continued growth. Our God is SO awesome! Each day is new, for us all and He grants us new opportunities in those days! Thankful for His love for us! Be blessed this week Root family! Finally a warm city. We just may be looking for tickets to come visit!

Anonymous said...

Myl Friend, What a JOY it is to hear how well things are. How sweet it is, to have a welcome at your new facility. Mackenzie looks precious in the pictures. I am proud of you, that you are taking care of yourself. It is hard to think of yourself when you want to be there for your loved ones. I love you and continue to trust Father for your sweet family. Marion

Tracy said...

Hi Amy,
We so enjoyed reading the update and seeing the photos. It is a MIRACLE to read you write "Adam went to dinner with us...took this photo....". How amazing. I think back on our Boston visit and get goose bumps just thinking how far Adam has come. YEA! Enjoy this next phase of healing and take pleasure in the warm sunshine and new staff. Isaiah 58:8 - "Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard."
Love you guys. Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is so cool hearing about the progress that Adam has made. He has worked so hard --- and you and Mackenzie too! I pray that your time in Florida will be one of great progress and a closeness to our Lord.

Be blessed,

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