Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rejoicing In Rest

Today has been a day of rest for all of us, all three of us needed it!  Exodus 33:14 “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”
This morning after getting the day started I walked across the parking lot to go help Adam get his day started.  After helping him get up and ready and why we waited for his breakfast, I was standing across the room, I blew Adam a kiss not expecting one in return, and to my wonderful surprise he smiled at me and blew a kiss across the room right back at me!  Have I mentioned how much I just love this man! 

After breakfast Adam was involved in some group activities so Mackenzie and I walked back across the parking lot to our apartment, (praise the Lord we are so close!) and rested.  It was so nice to know that Adam was enjoying himself in activities and is being well cared for so that I was able to rest!  Around lunch time we went back over and sat with Adam during lunch... after lunch we looked at pictures and played a game.  Adam was pretty tired, after all he's had such a crazy busy week, he asked to lay down in bed and rest... so all three of us cuddled in Adam's tiny bed and slept for over an hour.  Next thing I knew, Adam, Mackenzie and I were being woken up by a staff member asking if Adam was ready for dinner... what a wonderful day of rest!  Gosh, I hope we'll all be able to sleep tonight :)

This is a picture of Adam's new facility, I took this picture from my balcony so you can see how close I am to him!


Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, I think you may have mentioned your love for Adam...once or twice, anyway. :) What a lovely picture of Adam's new facility. I am so glad you are just across the parking lot!! A gift from Father, for all the time away. Even when you can't be there, you can look and see his place. Just think, your next stomping grounds will be HOME. I love you guys, Marion HAPPY EASTER!!

Anonymous said...

Amy, almost every time I read your blog I get tears in my eyes! I helped take care of Adam last summer in the NSICU, and I honestly thought miracles like this didn't happen. I found myself praying more and more that the faith you put in God would be recognized, and that you would get your miracle, although in my heart I didn't believe it would happen. When I heard about your blog, and saw how much Adam has progressed, it's strengthened my belief in how wonderful my Lord is, and how graciously he listens to our prayers. I hate that anyone would ever have to go through what your family has, but thank you for letting me see a miracle in progress. My thoughts and prayers are still with you guys!

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