Friday, April 22, 2011

Quick Hello

I only have a few minutes as I'm sitting in a coffee shop for just a quick break from a busy schedule...

This is not so much an update, but to let you all know that I should have internet by the end of the day today so look for an official update coming soon.

This is just a quick moment to let you all know that we are having an amazing week!!!  Adam is doing AWESOME, when I walked in a couple days ago, he introduced me to his therapist as his wife Amy!!!  This cognition comes and goes, but when he's on, he's on!!!  Mackenzie is set to start school on Monday, and I am working hard at still trying to heal from my surgery... no better place to do this than near palm trees and warm sunshine!  God is so good, ALL THE TIME!!!


Anonymous said...

W O W!!!!! He introduced you as his wife. I am thrilled he is doing so much better. I am trusting for his and your complete healing AND some good friends for Mackenzie. I love you guys, Marion

Anonymous said...

great to hear you all fine,


Anonymous said...

whew! So glad to hear the transition is going okay!

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