Monday, April 4, 2011

God Knows Our Needs Before We Do

Thank you all for praying for Adam today.  His clinical drug trial went well for today and we will do it again tomorrow.  Adam was pretty tired today, he didn't sleep well last night and told me that he didn't sleep well because he was so uncomfortable.  When I asked the nurse, she said that he was uncomfortable because he had an upset stomach.  While I'm sorry he had an upset stomach, I was so excited that he knew he was uncomfortable and was able to communicate it!  Praise the Lord for His healing hands always present in Adam's recovery.  With him being tired he struggled through his therapies today.  Physical therapy was his best session today, he did amazing walking down the hall with the regular walker and several times, Anne took her hands off Adam and we were able to see him support himself!  He is getting stronger every day!  He truly does make progress everyday!  I love that we get to see God being bigger than Adam's brain injury everyday!

Today was a busy day, and with all that had to get done, I was wondering how was I going to administer the 20-30 minute assessment tests every hour during Adam's clinical trial, as well as help Mackenzie on a huge school project that is due (this is the same one she has been working on for weeks).  It's amazing how God knows the need and meets it before we even go to him with the need.  He answered this unspoken prayer today.  I got a phone call this morning from Katherine, Savannah's mom (Mackenzie's friend) saying that she would like to have Mackenzie today after school, at first I said no because of the project, then Katherine offered to help Mackenzie on the project.  This worked out great!  I was able to work with Adam with no distractions or interruptions and Mackenzie's project turned out great!  What a blessing this was and an answer to unspoken prayer.  God truly meets all our needs, and knows them before we do.  Matthew 6:8  "for your Father knows what you need before you ask him."  Amazing isn't it, if he knows the need, I believe He has a plan to meet the need too, and today was evidence of that!  I was so grateful and so thankful.

What a Mighty God we serve!

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Anonymous said...

Forgive me if I am out of line, but could we see a picture Mackenzie's project? Her dancing sounds wonderful. I rejoice with you, in how well Adam is doing. I trust you too, are doing well, Amy. I love you all and am blessed to be a part of your journey. Marion

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