Monday, April 18, 2011

Florida, Finally!

Amy could not write this evening due to a lack of internet connection in Florida. So this is Daniel her brother updating the blog. Please note that Amy is without internet connection for the time being this could implement an inconsistency in communication.

Amy, Adam and Mackenzie have made it safely to Florida. They are happy to report that the sun has greeted them warmly at 87° F, needless to say a much appreciated change from the dreary Boston days.

Your prayers and love are very valuable! Those prayers are holding us together! Thank you for the support you all have given my family. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you.



Anonymous said...

Dear Amy,
Praise the Lord that you all made it safely! I cried out to the Lord all day for you all and I'm thankful to know you made it safely. Thanks for having your brother update. Now our prayers take a different direction--for settling in to a new home--for your sweet daughter to enjoy her new school and surroundings and find a great girlfriend or 20! The Lord will provide and I will keep praying for you all. Press on, dear sister! (And rest up that back:) I love your butterfly-cane!
In His Grace in Winston-Salem, Sandra Psalm 23 and Phil 1:9-11

Wanda said...

Thanks Daniel for keeping us informed. I have prayed for them all day and was happy to hear they arrived safely!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, you are a good brother. I love that you are willing to write for you sister. Thank you. I am glad to know that everyone arrived safely in Florida. Blessings and much love, Marion

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