Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amy's Mom Learning To Blog

This posting is from Amy's mom since sister Brooke is in Mexico. Amy is very tired today/night. I would like to express my deepest thanks for all the prayers and encouragement sent our way since Amy's surgery last Friday. It will still be several weeks until she regains her strength and stamina. We have truly seen God's provision each day with many expressions of love via meals, others on their own journey at Spaudling, and from friends Amy has met at a near by church.

Adam is showing his determination to push forward and work hard each day! Mackenzie is wrapping her week up at school. We have had good times together. Memories are being made. You will have to ask her about our race home from the restaurant in the parking lot of the hotel. I won't tell you who one that one! We had to run upstairs too! :) It is my practice for the Boston marathon! Oh I guess I won't be attending since it's happening the day we leave!

Please pray for all the final details to be worked out with the next move. Things have been falling in place as He remains faithful to providing all Amy, Adam and Mackenzie need.

With much appreciation,



Wanda said...

Thanks "mom" for the update! I am impressed! Praying for a smooth transition for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Dear One!! There's no way you can make me think you don't know about blogging. You did it like a pro!! I am so glad you are there keeping an eye on Amy. She is a wonderful wife and mother. I think she tends to forget about herself sometimes, though. I trust Father all will be in place when the time comes to move on. Much love, Marion

Mary Strynar said...

Thank you Karen for the update. We've been praying hard for all 4 of you. Mackenzie has especially been on my heart as I pray for great girls to befriend her in sunny, warm Fl!

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