Thursday, March 17, 2011

Relishing In His Presence

Long post tonight, please read it all the way through...

Thank you all so much for your prayers for my back.  It was so sweet of my sister to enlist all fo you to pray.  I have been under doctors care for my back here at Spaulding, so I am able to take care of the pain and not be apart from Adam!  Today the doctor did some spinal injections right into my back and I am feeling much relief from them, praise the Lord!  He truly has given my what I need for each moment, and he has equipped our entire family for this journey!  Praise God the he is the God of provisions and meets all our needs.  He knows our needs before we do and already has plans to meet our needs, we just have to have faith and trust.

I can't even begin to explain God's overwhelming presence surrounding Adam, Mackenzie, and myself today.  God has truly poured out his love on us, and has whispered encouraging words in my ear.  Every time I went into prayer over Adam today I kept hearing Him tell me, "I am all you need"  "it is I who will carry you through"  "I will never let you out of my hands"  "I am all you need"... PRAISE GOD, He is all I need!  We don't have to listen to the limits placed on Adam by medical science and what the scientific world tells us about Adam's outlook, ALL WE NEED IS HIM, and I as far as I know, He is the greatest physicaian and He has plans to meet Adam's needs, one neuron, one axon, one cell at a time... it's all in HIS timing and no one else's... Amen?!!!  AMEN! 

When I am able to experience God's presence they way that I have been able to it's so much easier to keep my eyes fixed on Him, it's the days that I am still seeking Him the same, but maybe not feeling Him as close that I need to be aware and be intentional about seeking Him and keeping my eyes fixed on Him.  2 Corinthians 12:9-10 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.


Adam had a great day today!  The weather here in Boston was a lovely day and Adam was able to have occupational therapy outside today!  We'll come back to that... Adam started his day with Mackenzie and I walking in early this morning, before breakfast, just as he was waking up!  He was so happy to see us so early.  After we ate breakfast together, Adam got all ready for his day and started his therapies, he started with speech thereapy with Meredith.  Meredith said Adam did great, I have not been able to see much of Adam's speech therapy sessions because they are trying to elminate any subtle distractions and just the presence of someone else around is stimulating for Adam.  Both Brooke and Meredith do a good job of keeping me in the loop and included in his sessions, but I agree, he does do better with little to no distractions while he's in speech. 

After speech Adam had physical therapy, he continues to improve his walking ability and every day we are seeing his walk get stronger with every passing day.  Please keep praying for initiation and drive as he gets his walk started.  After he worked up a sweat walking he a little break before occupational therapy.  Like I mentioned above, Eri took Adam outside for OT today!  There was a man playing the bagpipes, Eri worked with Adam on getting him to transfer, as much as he could on his own, from the wheelchair to the park bench.  Eri said it was the easiest transfer yet!!!!  I think he just loved being outside!  After the bagpiper was done, Eri put Adam back into his chair and wheeled him to the railing that over looked the Charles River.  Adam was able to get his left hand onto the railing by himself, but his right side is much weaker and Eri had to help get his right hand up, as soon as he did, he pulled himself up to standing position!  It was incredible, usually it takes a ton of initiation and encouragement for him to get standing, but he did all by himself!!!  It was pretty incredible!!!

After Adam was done with OT, we watched as Mackenzie played along the river side, and we walked and talked!  He's doing so awesome!  I am so proud of him.  It sure was nice to spend a few hours outside today!  I am totally rejoicing in that!  My heart is so happy! And if that isn't good enough to rejoice in... tonight I was tucking Adam in and after we prayed, he looked me in the eyes and said "I am so in love with you!"  I love my man, and those sweet words are so precious, how lucky I am to lay my head down tonight hearing those words over and over again... I LOVE MY MAN, with all my heart!

Part of what gets us through each day is other family members and the priviledge it is to pray for them and the ones who have been blessed enough to go home.  Today we were blessed with another a visit from Gary and Holly Parrott.  They are both so encouraging and love our prayer times together, this was truly a gift today!  Adam and I also were able to meet another family who recently came to Spaulding, I was able to meet Ally, here mom and her sister.  Ally too has had a few surgeries and her hair was several different lengths, Ally's mom asked who cut Adam's hair and when I told her I did, she asked if I could even out Ally's hair... I am no hair dresser so this made me laugh, but thankfully God is strong where I am weak and I was able to help even out Ally's hair!  What a blessing it is to get to know other families.

And remember Wes, the Evans family I was telling you about that flew in from Colorado a few weeks ago, I am rejoicing in the gift he gave him mom yesterday... he hugged his mom!!!  Praise the Lord!!!  Please keep praying for Wes and his family, Wes has a long road ahead of him, pray for him to be encouraged to keep fighting a good fight.  Pray that He will be surrounded by God's love and peace and just like I pray for Adam, pray that God's presence will be so strong in Wes's room that anyone who comes in and touches Wes will forever be changed by God's love for them.

As you pray for Adam's progress as God is rebuilding him from the inside out, and as you all so faithfully pray for others that I mention on here, please continue to pray for Gary's progress, pray for Dan, pray for Mike (the patient I posted about awhile ago who has brain cancer), pray for Ben and Katie, pray for Cale and Kathleen, if you are called to pray for any of these families listed above, God will help you know how to pray for them.  It is our reseponsibiltiy as the body Christ to pray for the body of Christ.  If you are feeling led to pray for any of the above families let me know and I will see what I can do to put you in touch with the family.  Thank you for your prayers for my man and our family, we are so blessed by you all!  You too have carried us through with your love, support, letters, care packages, words of encouragement, we have come this far because you all are walking this journey with us, you all are lifting us up in prayer faithfully, there will never be enough words to express my gratitude... I am forever thankful and in love with the body of Christ!

Tomorrow I will be posting a current prayer request list for us, please know, that our greatest need is still prayer, so please keep praying for my man!


Anonymous said...

Dear One, Thank you for sharing about the other families. I rejoice with you about Adam's being outside. Father has given us nature to hear it's praise of Him, and to heal us. I continue to trust for your sweet family. I love you, Marion

Anonymous said...

I have not written in a long time because for some reason I was blocked. Today it opened so here I am.
Thrilled about Adam's progress and all you do to make each day special for both Adam and MacKenzie. Sorry about your back. David and I totally understand after taking care of Jonathan 24/7 for almost 4 years now. So thrilled that you have someone there to help you out and you are better.
Waiting to hear about your next steps.
I am interested in the sites of the other friends you have made there. I follow a few other TBI's (Cale, Ben and others) and am able to pray and learn.
Blessings to all of you,
Vicky Scott

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