Friday, March 11, 2011

Rejoicing In God's Miracles

Today has been another miraculous day for us!  Adam had such an amazing day!  He started his day with speech therapy, Brooke and Meredith gave Adam the first of many cognitive skills test to see just where he is.  He was able to respond to every question.  He even counted 1-10 several times.  He followed all their commands and did well on his test.  His next test for cognitive thinking skills will be Monday at 11:00am (EST) so please be praying for my man!  Next up was occupational therapy, Eri stretched Adam's tightest muscles.  She also laid him on his stomach to stretch his hips and back, while laying on his stomach we were able to to hear Adam's voice loud and clear, it was amazing! 

Last therapy of the day was physical therapy, Adam had the best session EVER... and those were the words of Anne, his physical therapist.  Adam starts most sessions off with walking with the Atlas walker, today was no different, Anne started with the Atlas walker, but Adam decided he didn't want to do that.  So he climbed on top of the walker as if he was going to take a ride.  We took the walker away and instead of using a walker Adam walked down the hall with Anne and an aide assisting him, he was determined to walk on his own today!  After walking Anne worked with Adam to see if he was able to lay on the mat, then get on his hands and knees, then onto his knees and then roll from his stomach, side, then to his back... what can I say other than my man is amazing because he was able to do all that was asked of him with some assistance!  GO ADAM!!!

I was able to share such a sweet and tender moment between Adam and I tonight as I was tucking him in.  I asked him to pray for us tonight and his prayer was one that I had to write down so I will never forget it.  His prayer was a total prayer of thanksgiving, he gave God thanks for all that he has gone through and for letting him help so many people.  He gave thanks to the Lord for all that he has.  He ended his prayer telling God that he loved him... it was such a tender and sweet prayer.  I hope to never forget it, that in the midst of what could be seen as difficulties, my man was giving thanks!  I challenge you all to give thanks no matter your difficulties or life's challenges.  Ephesians 5:20 always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

Yay, Yay, Yay!! Father is good. I am sssoooo glad to hear about what Adam has done. He is at the tip of the iceberg of healing. I love you, and continue to trust and rejoice with you, Marion

Cindy Winter-Hartley said...

What an encouragement! Your family is an inspiration! How lovely to hear your man pray! Amen!

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