Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prayer Request List Updated

We are giving thanks today for Adam making the Saturday therapy schedule for both physical therapy and occupational therapy! He did great in both! He even participated in his first group therapy session. He had a difficult time with the hand and arm movements, but followed along with the feet exercises!
After therapies were over, Adam was blessed with Mike and Liz dropping by for a visit! They come and encourage both Adam and I so much, we are truly blessed by their friendship and their willingness to come and encourage Adam! It was great to see them today! Please continue to pray for Mike's cancer trial he is participating in, pray for Mike's strength and ability to keep pressing onward, because it is truly a gift he has the way he is able to encourage Adam. Mike has taught me to really embrace each moment and live it to it's fullest, finding something to smile and laugh at... Liz has been such an example to me as a wife standing by her man, and loving him through the most challenging time in his live, she has such patience, and love for her man it's truly a gift to see them enjoy life together and laugh through tough moments.

Updated Prayer Requests...

My heart is so overwhelmed by all that you all do for our family, your faithful prayers mean more to us than we will ever begin to be able to express. Prayer still is and will remain to be our greatest need. Below is a list of prayer requests for our family...
  1. Adam starts a new medication on Monday that is to help with his initiation and drive when asked to complete a command, please pray that this medication will help him have a quicker initiation time and to be able to follow through. Pray for this to be the case even without the medication. 
  2. Continue to pray God's hedge of protection around Adam's immune system. 
  3. Pray specifically for Adam's cognitive ability and tasks to improve greatly. Pray that he will continue to increase his scores for the cognitive testing he is undergoing. 
  4. Speech and language is still needing improvements, please pray that he will learn how to use his vocal cords as he is talking.
  5. Pray for Adam's ability to process information quickly and to respond once he has processed.
  6. Pray that Adam will be aware of when he needs to use the restroom so that he will be able to become more independent and can get out of the hospital setting more.
  7. Pray for Adam's strength as he is transferring to and from his wheelchair. Once he becomes more independent in these areas it will open new doors for us.
  8. Please continue to pray for us to be obedient to where God is calling us to go next. The decision is still up in the air.
  9. Pray for those at the insurance company that make decisions regarding Adam's care when they only know him from a paper document, pray that they will make wise decisions and be given Godly discernment as they make decisions regarding his care. 
  10. Please continue to pray for Adam to have the courage necessary to keep his eyes fixed on God so that he will be able to see that God has called Adam for such a time as this. Pray that he will feel equipped each and every day for the battles that he faces as God's mighty warrior.
  11. Pray for those who are taking care of him, pray for those who have taken care of him in the past, and pray for those who have yet to take care of him but will. Pray that their lives are forever changed by God's tangible love for them.
  12. Pray for continue unity in our family.
  13. Please keep Mackenzie in your prayers with each transition, she has been amazing with every transition and God has truly prepared her for this journey as well, pray that she will see how God is using her in a mighty way as well. 
  14. Please continue to pray for my time to be used wisely, that my eyes will stay fixed on the author and protector of my faith. Pray that I will intentionally seek Him first, for He is all I need.
  15. Please keep praying for my back and sciatica, pray that I can endure this pain and persevere through it. God can and will use this for His glory as well.
Thank you that I can call on God's people, and the body of Christ to help us in our time of need, you all are a gift and we are so blessed by your faithfulness.  While praying for us, please offer up thanksgiving for all that God has done for Adam's healing, for His faithfulness and His promises.  We have so much to be thankful for and my heart overflows with thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Father, you have touched Adam in a mighty was. I thank you for your continued healing, not only in Adam but Amy as well. Thank you for sweet Mackenzie. Please give her a message just for her heart. Give each of them a hug from the inside out. AMEN and AMEN (Marion)

Doug Mortensen said...

Amy, thanks for the updated prayer requests. I will put them to good use!

Anonymous said...

Praying Amy! Thanks for trusting us with your special requests.

Amy J

Anonymous said...

Amy, thanks for the new prayer specifics. We are praising God for so many answers and expectant about all He is going to do in the future! Thank you for keeping us updated each day. That is such a labor of love. I love hearing your praises and requests! You have such a thankful heart and an honest always encourages me personally when I read your daily post ! Love to your sweet family. Jan

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