Friday, March 18, 2011

Many Blessings

Today has been a day of focusing on our many blessings.  I love when we take a few minutes the 3 of us and reflect back on the last 10 months, we can see so many blessings, we can see how God has used tragedy for His glory, we can see how He has taught us to give thanks and praise in the midst of the storms, we can see how when we are face to face with Him... it will be worth it all. 

Adam and I didn't get to our morning devotions this morning, which worked out for the better, after I picked Mackenzie up from school and drove back to the hospital we had our devotion time after dinner this evening.  It was awesome because Mackenzie was able to participate and she had a lot to give thanks for, it was neat to hear her heart and all that she is thankful for in the last 10 months.  I read Adam and Mackenzie several chapters from the Bible that have been on my heart... we often read Psalm 91 (so many of you have encouraged us with this psalm), tonight I as I read the closing remarks from this chapter I read to Adam to read like this Psalm 91: 14-16 “Because you Adam love me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue you Adam; I will protect you Adam, for you acknowledges my name. You will call on me, and I will answer you Adam; I will be with you in trouble, I will deliver you Adam and honor you Adam. With long life I will satisfy you and show you my salvation.” 

I am so thankful that God chose to encourage us through His written, living word, and that He has given us access to it so that we can know Him more.  So that we can see His heart towards us, so that we can see how much He truly loves us.  I love my sweet Savior.

Many more blessings today... Adam had speech therapy today with Meredith and he did awesome!!!  She continues to work on Adam's cognitive skills to try to evaluate where he is.  She told Adam to tell her what the opposite of the word she was going to say, for instance, up, down, front, back... you get it.  Adam responded a 100% of the time with no delay and with an 80% accuracy, which is awesome!  GO ADAM!!!  Meredith was so encouraged by Adam's progress this week.  He has made some large gains in his cognitive skills.  Next it was physical therapy, Anne continues to walk with Adam and try different walkers and railings to see what's most comfortable for Adam.  His walk continues to get stronger and stronger and I am so pleased to see how much progress he has made in just a few short weeks!  He's amazing!

Adam was blessed with another beautiful day out today and was able to have occupational therapy outside again!  Eri worked with Adam on throwing a Frisbee, which is something Adam loves to do.  For those of you who don't know Adam, Adam loves to play ultimate Frisbee any chance he could get.  He is quite good at it too.  I threw the Frisbee at him and he tried to throw it back, but he is still fighting some muscle tone that makes releasing very challenging.  He also stood again at the railing of the river and again he pulled himself up all by himself!  He amazes me every day to see him continue to fight hard to overcome this brain injury, and with God's strength, victory is all that is set out for Adam!

I know that I said I would have an updated prayer request list today... it will be up tomorrow.  Please keep praying for my man and our family, and we will continue to pray for you all.  We love you all and thank you all for your continued support.


Anonymous said...

I continue to rejoice with you, Amy, as we are reminded once again how GREAT our God is ~ He who is GREATER than all our circumstances! I will keep praying for Adam's TOTAL healing, as well as healing for your back. Sending you three dear ones love from here in Snohomish ...

Sheri Halberg

Anonymous said...

I love you guys and rejoice with how well Adam isdoing. Too, how sweet it was for you to have devotions together. Father is good. I continue to trust for you and your sweet family. Marion

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