Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Great Boston Backache

So I hear there is power when you you believe it?

Amy is a warrior. She is a prayer warrior, she has lived by her marriage vows and by God's word, which is so evident in her actions especially over this past year. She has been Adam's advocate, she has been Mackenzie's rock, she has been a friend, she has been a source of hope and encouragement to those who read this blog and the families and patients she has met along the way in this journey, she has given her all and has not taken the time to think about herself once.

I ask those of you reading this right now to take some time out of your day and pray, yes of course continue to pray for Adam's full recovery, but let me ask you to spend a little more one on one time with the Big Man upstairs for my sister Amy. Please pray that the Lord will heal her back pain. She has been struggling a while with back pain and it has gotten progressively worse this week. Pray for her full recovery, give her the strength and the clear mind to start taking some time to make sure she is healthy so that she may continue to stand strong by her family's side.

"Pray without ceasing" 1 Thessalonians 5:17

...oh and yes this is Brooke, the sister writing tonight :)


Anonymous said...

Sister Brooke!! You are a dear, and yes I will pray for Amy's back, and for her emotional wellbeing. I do understand how it is hard to think of yourself. Somehow it feels like you are laying down on the job when you think of yourself as well, and not the one you are taking care of. "Father, remind Amy that your Son took time away for alone time with His Father. It wasn't just talking, or devotions as such, He was taking care He had what was needed for His ministry. If Jesus did it, it is OKAY for Amy to take care of herself, too. Give her a big hug from the inside out. Thank you for loving us even more that we know" AMEN and AMEN (Marion)

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy,
You would have loved to hear your father-in-law talking about you last night. He bragged about how much you love and tirelessly serve Adam and Mackenzie. He talked about your courage and bravery and how to study and research for Adams benefit and how you are right there with him moment to moment, and in the midst of it all you love and tenderly care or Mackenzie. He talked about how amazing you are and how he is so blessed to have you in this family.
Stand strong Amy and ask God how to take care of you too.
I can't help from here but I can and will hold you up in prayer asking God for miraculous healing and continued grace on your life.
Thank you...I love you, Kimberly
PS It was so exciting to hear all the great reports from Jack!

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