Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Encouragement Is Huge

One thing that I continue to learn and see every day is the power of encouragement.  The way Adam responds to words of affirmation and encouragement is pretty remarkable... there is a noticeable difference and change in Adam when I cheer him along.  I love that as my role as Adam's wife I am his helpmate and in this season of our lives it means being his cheerleader.  I thank God daily that He chose me to be the one along Adam's side to cheer him along.  It is such an honor to be my man's wife!  The bible is so clear about kind words bringing cheer.  Proverbs 12:25 Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.  It's amazing to see that when I feel helpless watching Adam endure so much and struggle so much, that in my helplessness, God can still use me and by encouraging Adam, God uses that to lift my spirit and get me excited for what is yet to come!

Adam has had the best day he's had in the last 3 weeks, I finally feel as though the medications are starting to balance out again.  Last night, Dr. Aiesha was on-call and she sat with me and went through recent medication changes that I had been concerned about, she reassured me that changes were in his best interest and it was just going to be a waiting game till we will see the results... and today we were seeing results. 

Adam started his day with occupational therapy.  Eri worked with Adam on getting ready for his day, he did great washing himself in the shower, and getting dressed.  He put on his shirt all by himself!  Eri ran short on time so I helped Adam finish his day, he brushed his teeth and spit today (for the first time in weeks!) and then he helped shave himself!  He did awesome! 

Thank you for your prayers regarding Adam's speech therapy, I think we have come up with an awesome solution!  Adam will continue to work with Brooke and also Meredith who has worked in the brain injury speech department for quite some time!  This will be great for both Adam and Brooke.  Adam will get the added bonus of another therapist and new ideas and the experience Meredith has to bring to the table and it's great for Brooke to be able gain more tools in her tool belt by working with Meredith.  A win win for all of us!  Today in speech Adam was moved up to the next level of foods!  So now all his food looks like real food and not pureed or ground!  GO ADAM!!!

In physical therapy Adam was busy... he started with walking with the Atlas walker the taller one, then Anne switched him to a regular walker, he did great!  It takes different muscles to use the regular walker rather than the Atlas walker, it was awesome to see him cruising down the hall today.  After a few laps in the hall it was off to the gym to work on stretching while standing and multitasking.  Again, Adam is incredible, he did amazing and followed all the commands he was given!  GO ADAM!

Tonight Adam's dad and his uncle Doug came into town for a visit.  It was good to see them and for Jack to see how far Adam has come since the last time he was here!  Adam just looks amazing, and especially today he was looking so incredibly handsome.  I just love my man.

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Anonymous said...

I, too, have much JOY in being my husband's helpmeet. I love my man. I rejoice with you in Adam's healing. Father is doing a wonderous work. You, know, I wondered if Brooke just wasn't as experienced as others might have been. Praise Father she has an experienced therapist to work with. I am glad Adam's family can see how well Adam is doing. Too, they are seeing what a wonderful wife Father chose for Adam. She is just what "The Great Physician" ordered. I love you, Marion

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