Friday, March 25, 2011

Daily Blessings In Adam's Healing

John 5:17 "My Father is always at his work to this very day"

Praise God that He is always at work, and at work in us!  Today we were able to see God's hand at work as He continues to heal Adam!   Today was Adam's best talking day yet!  He spoke the loudest and clearest that he has yet.  Typically there have been a few moments here and there where he has spoken loud and clear, but today it was consistent!  He even spoke on the phone to his mom and our pastor at Triangle Community Church in Apex, NC!  It was so awesome to see him carry on conversation, let alone count my blessings for the conversations I shared with him today.  Here is my favorite:
Amy:  I am so proud of you
Adam: I am proud of you too
Amy: why are you proud of me?
Adam: because you're my baby
Isn't that so sweet!  I love him so much!  I am rejoicing in not only hearing his voice today, but for how amazing he did conversing.

Adam's speaking capabilities weren't the only blessing we received from Adam today... he also initiated to feed himself and followed through feeding himself his entire dinner tonight!  Thank you all for praying for my man, you can see clearly through today's miracles that God is answering your prayers... we are blessed by you all partnering with us in this journey.

As far as therapies went today, Adam had a great speech session with Brooke and Meredith, he put together a binder to journal his days.  They both said they were amazed watching him flip through the binder and to put it together.  In physical therapy today Adam continues to gain strength in his walk, while he has come along ways, it will be awhile before he is able to walk with a walker by himself.  Knowing that makes me appreciate how hard he works to improve his walk every day.   In occupational therapy Adam played connect 4 and then worked on transferring in and out of his chair, it's amazing to see how much he is able to do on his own.  He just needs help initiating the stand and he really does the rest!  Overall a great day in therapy!

I am rejoicing in seeing God's hand at work in Adam's recovery daily!  Mackenzie and I had a very special prayer time last night and it was so neat to see God answer some of our prayers so quickly.  This journey is sure building all of our faith walks, but to see my daughter consistently grow in her trust in the Lord and get so excited to see God working around us is an extra special blessing!  I am praising God for the healing that has taken place today, and for the healing that is to come as the new dawn does.  Praising God that He never sleeps and is always at work!


Khaled Basiouny said...

One of the NSICU nurses pointed me to this. It's fantastic to see how well he's has progressed. I'm so glad for all of you. Good luck and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I, too, praise Father for what He has done with Adam's healing. I am so glad you are seeing what Father has known all along. It is so good to get to the answers of our prayers and longings. I love you and rejoice with you, Marion

Temarie said...

How awesome is that - that you are able to write out conversations on the blog that you had with Adam!? God is doing mighty things in Adam!

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