Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quick Update Tonight

Thank you all for your prayers for Mackenzie and her travels. She made it to North Carolina safely and is already having an awesome time!

Adam's youngest brother Tristan arrived this morning, when Tristan walked in this morning Adam smiled and said it was good to see him.  Then Brad walked in and he was so happy to spend time with his brothers.  We had a great day the 4 of us, hanging out. 

Adam seemed to be in quite a bit of pain today.  His back and his casts are bothering him, so we just laid low and hung out today.  It was fun hanging out with Adam's brothers, at one point today Adam and I, Tristan, and Brad were playing the same application game.
Brad and Tristan playing the game

I am pretty tired tonight, it was a late night last night, an early morning this morning and it's another late night tonight...  I will update more tomorrow.


Mary Strynar said...

As we were driving yesterday "Rock of Ages" by Def Leppard came on the radio and Mark went crazy-loudly singing the lyrics and freaking the kids out. I couldn't help think if there are any songs from Adam's middle school years that would create a similar response in Adam. He he he!

MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

So is Adam one of three sons? I am the mother of three sons and my husband is the baby of three sons. Praise the Lord for their timely visits and love for one another. When our son Aaron was sick recently, his older brother texted him that he loved him. I thought that was amazing and such a blessing! Stay strong, you are such a great wife!

Anonymous said...

I was so glad to hear Adam's brothers were able to visit. I, too, have three sons. :) I am sssoooo happy for Mackenzie doing so well on her trip. I love that girl, you and Adam, too. With a hug, Marion

Anonymous said...

Yeah Mackenzie gets to be a kid and have kid time! I am so happy for her!!! Plus I am sure it must be warmer than Boston. It was good to see a pic of Tristan and Brad. Please send them my best!

Love, Mom

Doug Mortensen said...

Adam is one of four sons. The oldest is Ben (he was in Boston, recently). Brad is the next oldest, and Tristan is his younger brother.

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