Monday, February 7, 2011

Praising and Thanking God For All He Has Done

I love my man so much!  He is amazing, so sweet, and incredibly kind!  Tonight when I was tucking Adam in I asked him if there was anything he needed before I had to go and he said yes, he said he needed me to stay with him all night long.  He said he didn't like it when I leave.  I just love him!

Adam had a great day!  In speech therapy he is working on graduating to the next level of foods, which will hopefully happen Wednesday or Thursday.  In physical therapy, Anne, Adam's new therapist started a process today known as serial casting.  Serial casting is a process in which a joint or joints that are limited in range of motion are immobilized with a well-padded plaster and fiberglass cast. The casts are applied and removed on a weekly basis. During the process, the affected joint or joints are gradually set in a more correct alignment until the desired joint range of motion is achieved.   Right now when Adam is walking he is walking more on his toes than heal to toe.  So this will help set his foot in a more normal walking position.  This can sometimes be painful because it consistently puts his ankles in a stretching position.  In occupational therapy, Eri worked with Adam on stretching him since he is still so tight.  If you could please pray for his muscle tone and for his muscle tightness.

Today Adam's mom arrived and brought Adam his birthday present from his brothers and mom and dad.  They all chipped in and got Adam an iPad!  Adam has borrowed Jeff and Stephanie's iPad and so he's familiar with it.  iPad's are encouraged and used in therapy sessions... I am so excited to see what Adam will do with this technology!  Already he is getting a kick out of using it, when Cookie was playing with him and messed up on a game Adam laughed.   

This evening I found out that a patient who was recently here at Spaulding has passed away and gone to be with the Lord.  My heart breaks for his wife and his kids... please pray for this family as the days and weeks to come are going to be difficult trying to make sense of how to to keep moving forward.  This touched me deeply reminding me of how much I truly have to be thankful for and how far God has brought Adam.  It reminded me of our early days when Adam clung onto life and fought to survive moment by moment, to now where we are and he is consistently defying all odds and making gains every day.  Please praise God for our journey and for the miracles he has done in Adam's progress.  I know God's work in Adam has only just begun.  Psalm 139:16-17 all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.  How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them!


MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

Amen! It is quite amazing to read his recovery! Thanks be to God!

Anonymous said...

You know, it's kind of funny you mentioned Adam walking on his toes. My granddaughter does the same thing. I had to smile. Now I will think of Adam, when I see her do it. (Yes, we are trying to break her of the habit.) Please tell that dear family who lost their jewel, I am praying for them. I love you and continue to thank, praise and trust Father for Adam, you, and sweet Mackenzie. Marion

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