Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Man Makes Me Happy

Today was a quiet, hang out with the family kind of day!  We enjoyed our time together.  I love that we still get great quiet time and play time as a family.  I love that God provides quality time for the 3 of us to spend together.

Thank you all for praying for Adam this last week, today was the best he has been all week.  He was alert and awake for most of the day, it was so great!  I brought in one of our favorite games and just about anyone who has come to our home has probably played with us.  I wasn't sure if Adam would feel up to playing Carcassonne, but I was pleasantly surprised to see him place the tiles correctly!  We played once this morning and once this evening... he did even better this evening!  It was so incredible to see him understand and know what to do.

For most of the week, Adam has been out of it... but today the minute I walked in he recognized me and smiled.  Then this afternoon I was talking with him and he said to me "you make me happy"  I love my man!  I hope he knows how happy he makes me!  I am blessed that God has given me so many more sweet moments with my man, I am so blessed that God chose me to be Adam's wife.


roadie said...

Amy, Today's post warms my heart so much! I rejoice in the way God is working and the glory He is receiving! All glory to Him!

Jevans said...

Today I could see your family in the hall from Wes's room. The way you look at your husband is so heart~wrenchingly beautiful it makes me weep and it reminds me that Jesus still loves me even through this tragedy...I miss Wes so much...Thank you for praying for my Warrior son. Thank you for being strong and courageous...

Anonymous said...

Amy, The simple beauty of your love and delight in your God and your family is such a sweet testimony.
Your words help us to know how to pray for your family each day but just as important .....they encourage us to join you in giving thanks in all circumstances!
thank you sweet friend! Jan

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