Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

To be real honest Adam and I are not Valentine's Day people... I have always told Adam that he does a good job of showing me Valentine's Day every day that we never needed a special day to celebrate our love... okay, well that's not true... our anniversary is always a special day!

Anyway, I want to challenge the wives reading this blog to find a way to make your man feel appreciated and respected throughout the year.  One thing I do for Adam to show him that I want him to feel as though it's Valentine's day every day is this... Every year around Valentine's day I buy 12 Valentine cards, then once a month, randomly, I slip to him, either in his lunch box, in his laptop, in his car... wherever he may find it.  In the card I let him know how much I respect him and appreciate him and then I thank him for treating me as though it's Valentine's day every day.  This might not work for everyone, but it's one way I like to show my man how much I love him.  Find your own way that will work for you, trust me, your man will appreciate it.  Song of Solomon 8:7  Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned.

We were blessed by Norman and Joanna again today coming by the hospital and bringing us special Valentine treats.  I am so blessed my their thoughtfulness and generosity.  Joanna also brought us homemade soup the other night as well, it's been so nice to have home cooked meals and to sit and have a meal time with all 3 of us.  This has been another miracle and dream come true.  So many of you made our Valentine's day special, thank you for the cards, care packages, goodies, phone calls, and text messages.  There is no way I could keep going forward without all of you and your support. Thank you.

Adam had a good day today.  In speech therapy Brooke worked on feeding Adam and the neuropsychologist Dr. Carter sat in on today's session.  Several of Adam's team members are concerned that Brooke may not be the right fit for Adam as a speech therapist.  Dr. Carter is going to help make that decision or offer Brooke suggestions on what might help Adam during her time with him.  Please keep praying for Adam's speech therapist and for the sessions during this time.  I am concerned because I can tell Adam does not like working with Brooke and he ignores her and shuts her out.  So please pray that this will resolve soon. 

In occupational therapy Eri worked with Adam on feeding himself, he did great.  He is getting better and better at his ability to control his environment.  In physical therapy, Anne recasted Adam's left foot and then worked on some stretching and standing.  Mackenzie loves to decorate Adam's casts so she has been given a clean canvas once again.

Please pray for Mackenzie and I as we have had to make some changes.  We are so thankful and appreciative of Sharon and Lester's generosity to have let us stay with them for quite some time... but the time has come that Mackenzie and I needed to let them have their home back.  When they agreed to let us stay there back in October Adam had originally only been given 8-12 weeks, but with the amazing progress he is making and the extensions on our time here, I could tell it was time for us to move on.  So to keep Mackenzie in the same school we moved into a hotel in the town that we have been living in.  Words will never be enough to express how grateful I am to them for all they have done for Mackenzie and I, they are extraordinary people.  Tonight Mackenzie and I are enjoying our own little space, this is a gift to have considering we haven't had our own space in a long time.

Please pray for Adam's family tonight.  Adam's grandpa is in the last days of his life and is surrounded by family as they prepare for what is to come.  Pray for Adam's mom and she stands by her mom's side and pray for Adam's grandma Ethel as she is finding it difficult to say goodbye.  Thank you all for praying we are so blessed to have so many of you praying for our family.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is not the speech therapist Brooke but the speech therapy itself? I say that as someone who has had a lot of speech therapy over the years and has always hated it, especially as a little kid! Is Brooke making this fun for Adam at all? Bribes and rewards work well on kids and adults alike. A favorite edible treat, speech therapy incorporated into a fun game, a reward for a job extra well done, etc. Also, as far as his loudness of voice- have they tried visual systems that show him how his voice looks on a screen? I know they make these, when I was trying to learn how to make higher pitched sounds, my therapists were using a system where I could visually see on a monitor how high my pitch was getting. Maybe if there is something that can show him on a screen how loud his voice is and if he can be shown where on the monitor his voice should be, that would give him a goal and something fun to look at? Just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I trust Father to give Adam the right therapist. He will speak through this Dr. who will be observing Brooke's session. The last entry leads me to ask how long has Brooke been doing this job. Like you said, maybe she needs suggestions on how to help Adam. Father has given you an insight to your husband's care. You have been praying and trusting Father. HE WILL ANSWER!!!! I am so excited for you and Mackenzie to have your own space. I trust it is closer to the hospital, and not so hampered with the snow that seems to like to fall where you are. I love you guys, Marion

Wanda said...

Praying for Adam's speech therapy! Happy to hear you and Mackenzie have some space to yourself. Praying for Adam's family and saying goodbye to his granddad.

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