Thursday, February 3, 2011


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Adam, happy birthday to you!!! 

Thank you all who made Adam's birthday so special, thank you for the gifts, cards, text messages, and facebook birthday wishes.  You all made Adam's day so special.  We had a birthday party for him with Jeff and Stephanie, Dan and his wife Lila, and a couple other family members, and staff.  It was so great!  Adam's mom will be here on Monday so Adam will have round 2 for celebrating his birthday, that will be so fun!

Adam had an off day today.  Since he had the seizure on Saturday, he started his anti-seizure medication which causes Adam to be sleepy.  He was so exhausted today that he asked to go to be at 5:30, but we had to make him stay awake to eat his dinner.  He was in bed my 6:30pm tonight, he really was so tired.  In speech today he worked with Brooke to chew soft foods in hopes to graduate from his puree diet. In occupational therapy Adam was so exhausted that he couldn't even stay awake to participate.  In physical therapy with his new therapist Anne, Adam walked in a special walker with support all by himself for several steps!  My man is amazing!

Adam and I have had such an amazing privilege of meeting so many wonderful people along the way in this journey.  So many people have forever left their fingerprints on our hearts.  Today one of Adam's close friends from North Carolina has a friend who lives here in Boston, and he came just to visit with Adam and to spend some time with us, it was so awesome that he took the time to stop by.  This evening a new patient was flown into Spaulding from Colorado, we had the privilege of meeting this family.  Wes, will begin his new regiment of therapies tomorrow.  Please pray for this family as they adjust to their new normal here at Spaulding.

After having several conversations with friends today, after giving one of my friends some advice, I found myself being so convicted by the words coming out of my mouth... I realized there were some things that I needed to lay at the foot of the cross, and surrender all to Jesus.  Knowing and trusting that He is in control, He is walking before us and paving the path for us to follow.  Romans 12:2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Adam! You had quite the day, but I heard you had cake and ice cream! Life is so good! I am so proud of how hard you are working and how much you love your family!

My continued prayers and love.

Preston Rodeniser said...

Hey Amy (and Adam!),

We love you guys, and hope that this work continues! I know God has the best in store for us no matter what it is, and this recovery is so exciting!

Praying without ceasing,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Adam!!! We are so proud of how hard you are working. We love and miss the whole Root clan so much.

With prayful hearts,
The Ciancarelli Gang

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Adam !!! We are celebrating and thanking God today that He has given us some awesome gifts - His Son and YOU !! Thank you God for answering so many of our prayers, for healing Adam each and every day, and for watching over and providing for Amy & Mackenzie. On your special day Adam - THANK YOU for your great strength and for the impact your life is having on each and every one of us as we travel with you on this journey ! Love you lots - The LaPiana's

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