Sunday, February 27, 2011

Giving Thanks For Grace

God has really been teaching me about his grace and extending the same grace he has given to me and extend it to others. Multiple times today I have been faced with the decision to extend grace even in difficult situations, when I see things in multiples, I know that is God's way of grabbing my heart and tangibly teaching me to become more like Him. It doesn't matter the situation, or the people... what matters is when I was faced with choosing to be mad and upset, or choosing to not react, but respond to the situation and extend the same grace given to me. I started pondering how many times in a day I am faced with the decision to give grace and don't. It made me appreciate God's grace that he gives me all day every day, when I don't deserve it. His grace is sufficient, but it's also a gift. We don't earn gifts, we're given them... we give thanks for our gifts... so tonight join me in spending time giving God thanks for the grace He gives us for the moment, it is sufficient.

This morning I had plans to meet Dan's family for breakfast at the restaurant Dan's wife works at.  When I walked in sitting at the table was Dan himself!  It was the best surprise when I walked in Dan got up and hugged me... it was so awesome to be able to have breakfast with Dan outside of the hospital.  Seriously such an awesome surprise!  Thanks Dan!  You are awesome!  He was discharged yesterday from the hospital he went to after Spaulding and he will start outpatient therapy soon.  GO DAN!!!

Today was a great family day.  Adam, Mackenzie, and I spent the day just the three of us hanging out.  Mackenzie was so cute, she worked with Adam on flash cards and trying to gain strength back in his speech.  She is so amazing that she will see the things that the therapists and I do with Adam and then she will do the same things with him.  I am so proud of both of them.  After Mackenzie and I worked with Adam we watched a movie together.  I just loved the day we spent together.  When thinking about our journey, I know and thank God daily that He continues to give us His peace for the journey, and His grace for the moment.  We are so blessed.


Anonymous said...

Grace, it is a good word. I am trying to think of an acronym for it. I'll have to let you know what I come up with. Thank you for sharing the sweet moment Adam and Mackenzie shared. It is such a priveledge to be in on such an intimate part of your life. Hey, I just thought of an acronym...G-God's, R-redemption, (maybe riches) A-at, C-Christ's, E-expence. I love you, Marion

Anonymous said...

Great news about Dan! I truly am blessed to share in this along with you! Go Dan!

Praying for a good week for the three of you!

Much love,

Teri Hooper said...

Go Dan!! Just think of the day when you and Adam will be having breakfast outside the hospital. It IS coming my friend! My verse for the week is 2 Cor 9:5 So we make it our goal to please Him.... This has been great for me this week. When I have been frustrated with someone I have stopped and said this aloud to remind myself it is not about whether someone deserves grace, it is all about pleasing Him. Keep up His work you good and faithful servant. Love to all the Roots.

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