Friday, February 11, 2011

Friends, Family, and The Love My Man Shows Me

Well today has been another busy day for Adam here at Spaulding.  Adam's day started with speech, Dr.Chae and his residents sat in for awhile to see how Adam is responding in speech.  He did pretty good even in spite of several interruptions.  After speech Adam had an hour break to rest before physical therapy and that's just what he did.  In physical therapy, Adam walked again over 200 feet!  I can't get over how strong he is, every time he walks he keeps getting stronger and better... it's amazing!  After lunch Adam was in the hall keeping Kendra company as she got his medications ready for him and he said in the loudest voice, he had something in his eye!  He was watching everything that was going on, he watched everyone who was coming down the hall.  It's amazing how he observes everything and takes it all in.  In occupational therapy, he did very well, Eri worked with Adam on transfers in and out of his wheelchair.  Then they worked on orientation questions... at one point, Gillian the OT assistant tried to help Adam do something and he yelled at her "I'm not a baby".  I loved this, my Mr. Independent.

This evening Adam's oldest brother Ben came into town for the weekend.  After Ben was there for a few minutes, Adam motioned me over and said to me, "I am so excited, that my brother is here"  Then for the next 10 minutes, Adam had the biggest smile on his face... it was so cute.

So last night Mike, another patient here at Spaulding who we have become friends with and his wife Liz, have just been so much fun to get to know.  Last night some of their friends, Norman and Johanna, brought dinner for Mike and shared with Adam and I.... and since Adam was cleared for soft foods, he was able to eat the lasagna that Johanna made.  It was his first homecooked meal in 9 months, he LOVED it. I was so touched by their generosity, plus it was fun having a homecooked meal and being able to share it with others.  Tonight as well we ate with Mike and Liz.  Mike is being discharged tomorrow and Adam and I are going to miss Mike and Liz very much.

 Please pray for Mike, he is here at Spaulding recovering from a surgery to remove part of his brain tumor.  Mike was diagnosed in Aug 09 with a brain tumor.  The doctors are unable to remove all the tumor and he still   has a long road of treatments ahead of him.  Please pray for Mike, Liz and their 2 sons.  Mike has been an inspiration, he is so happy and laughs nonstop.  His laugh is so contagious, I am sad to see him go, but happy that he gets to go home.  We know all things are possible for God, and I am trusting that God will heal Mike.  Please also continue to pray for Dan as he is settling into his new facility, pray that he will make progress quickly so he can return to his home quickly.  Life at Spaulding just hasn't been the same without him, and tomorrow with Mike being discharged, it's been hard to say goodbye for now.

Tonight as I was getting Adam tucked in and saying goodnight, Adam asked me to move into the hospital with him so that I could be with him all the time.  I just love my man.  He told me that he loves me so much and that he didn't want to wait till the morning to see me.  He is so sweet.  He is so tender as he moves my hair and tucks it behind my ears, and leans in for a kiss.  I am just so thankful that God chose me to be Adam's wife.  He blesses me so much, I truly married the most amazing man ever, who shows me every moment how much he loves me.  Proverbs 30:18-19  There are three things that amaze me—no, four things that I don’t understand: how an eagle glides through the sky, how a snake slithers on a rock, how a ship navigates the ocean, how a man loves a woman.


roadie said...


The scripture you shared at the end of your exciting post tonight truly captured the delight I felt in reading about Adam wanting you to move in to the hospital. God is so faithful! May He continue to richly bless you, Adam and Mackenzie with His wisdom, His peace and His delight in you. My heart is full just reading your report tonight. May you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day on Monday!!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful scripture you shared at the end! :) God is so faithful!

Love you ALL!

Anonymous said...

Dear One, I content myself with the knowledge Father meets all your needs, that He gives and takes away in His time, that He loves you beyond all measure. I love you, Marion

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