Friday, February 25, 2011

Florida was a whirlwind, in and out in less than 12 hours... traveling was very difficult, not just being away, but see all these families traveling together especially ones you can tell just had a Disney experience. I know there will be a day when our family will be able travel together and create lifelong memories outside of hospital.

I'm not going to go into any great details right now, but please be praying for me as I have a really big decision to make. At this point I have to make the best decision for our family, I'm looking at what's best for Adam, but also what's best for us a family and for us to not have to keep moving from facility to facility.

This morning in Florida it was so refreshing to feel the warm sunshine on my skin. I couldn't help but to sit outside and have my morning cup of coffee under the warm sunshine. This was truly God's gift to me today. My soul rejoices in the warm sun. As I was sitting there, I pondered how truly thankful and grateful I am for this journey. I don't expect all of you to understand, but I am so grateful for all that we have endured, God has really captured my heart and is teaching me what it means to give thanks in all circumstances. To be content in all that life hands us. While I would never wish this on anyone, and I certainly wouldn't want to go through this again or even start over for that matter, there has been so much good and so much learned, that it makes me excited to see all that God will continue to do through this. It's keeping my eyes focused on God that makes getting out of bed each day even possible. He truly sustains all 3 of us each and every day... just another reason to be so thankful. 1 Chronicles 29:13 Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name.
Please continue to pray for Adam as he is battling this cold. He's doing better today than yesterday, but still not himself. Like I mentioned last night, a cold really takes him out, it effects his whole body, and he already tires easily, but with a cold he's just plain tuckered out. Please pray that his body will heal quickly and pray that there will be no set backs. Please pray for Mackenzie as she will be traveling home in the morning and having to adjust to life back in a hospital... I am so happy she was able to step away for a week and be a kid, thank you to all you made that possible and special for her. Pray for her as she adjusts back into her last month of school here in MA. For those of you who are worried about her, know that God has prepared her for this journey just as much as He has me... He chose our family, prepared our family and has equipped our family. I know this has not been easy on her, but let me tell you, she is an amazing kid and God will use her in a mighty way as well.

Pray also for Adam to continue to make gains moment by moment and for his FULL recovery, better than old, better than new. Pray for daily gains that continue to baffle the scientific minds. Pray for Adam's voice to grow stronger and louder when he's speaking, pray for the doctors, nurses, therapists, and all staff that care for him, pray God's hedge of protection around Adam's immune system, pray for Adam to continue to gain strength to walk on his own, pray for him to know when he needs to use the restroom, pray for his sight (especially on the right side), pray continually for his ability to continue to process information and act upon it. And selfishly, please pray for my back. Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for our family.  We are so blessed and feel honored to have so many of you so faithfully lifting us in prayer.


Anonymous said...

First, sweet friend, it's not selfish to ask prayer for your back. Father has put you in a pivotal place in this journey. He needs you in peak condition to continue the walk set before you. Yes, I do understand being grateful for having gone through what you have gone through. As I look back on "my journey", while very different from yours, I see that I would not be what I am today if it weren't for those exact steps. I can see how God has prepared me for the next step putting me through certain things. Many of my truths come from my graduating from the school of "Hard Knocks". Like you, I am glad, glad, glad for what I have learned, but wouldn't necessarily want to go through any of it again. Too, I can tell Father hand picked Mackenzie for this journey. It is a true delight to see Father's work in her heart. It makes you wonder what He's preparing her for. I love you guys, and continue to trust Father for each of you. I thank Father for his hand on you each time I open my cupboard that has you picture taped inside it. Hugs, Marion

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back from FL & are safe. We really missed (especially Bayden & the other "brothers") not being able to see Mackenzie - but we understand that she likely had a tight schedule. Bayden did great in the CYT production of Daniel - wish Mackenzie could have seen it! But - perhaps she will be able to visit on her next trip.
Please call me if you plan to go to FL again - as you may remember that I have a team of Nurses and our specialty pharmacies are all located in FL. I'm blessed with two wonderful Christian RN's who cover the state of FL caring for our patients living with bleeding disorders - both of whom would have gladly picked you up to taken you where you needed to go. They each have over 20(+) years as RN's and connections at most of the major hospital facilities.
I will even be down in FL this week at corp meetings in Orlando on Wed, Tampa on Thur, and back to Orlando on Fri - so I also could have made some travel plans and helped out as well... Keep that in mind should you need to return to FL again...
We will be praying for your back, a great finish to the school year for Mackenzie, and of course the total healing of Adam !

Love you guys !
Bill, Bev, Brandon, Benjamin, Bryan & Bayden

Karie Garner said...

This is a beautiful post as always. I am amazed at the work God is doing in your family and how he is healing Adam. You are such an inspiration to all who read your blog. We will continue to pray for all the details of what is to come for your family and for Adam to get over his cold and for Mackenzie to adjust quickly back into school. So glad she was able to come home for a week and spend time with friends.


Anonymous said...

Have you considered moving your family back to Oregon? I know you have a huge family there.

Anonymous said...

Praising God with you for so many answered prayers this week that you saw and for all those answered but unseen as of yet !
Thank you again for taking the time each day to update us.... so we can rejoice with you and pray specifically for you. Your family is treasured by so many! Being apart of God's miraculous work in your lives strengthens us all.
"Encourage one another and build each other up." Love, Jan and Wayne

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy, My family has been going through a tough trial for the past 8 months and I keep reminding the Lord about our children--it's affecting them! How silly of me to say it to our all-knowing, sovereign God--but He is patient and wants me to pour out my heart (Psalm 62). Anyway, I so rejoiced to ready your post from Friday--you are being so correct and biblical in your thoughts about Mackenzie. The Lord has prepared her (and my kids) for these trials--His will is going to be done and He will be glorified. I keep praying you and Adam will rest in that, as I pray my husband and I will. James 1:5--and that we'll keep seeking wisdom daily from the Lord and His Word--trusting Him all along. By the way, I'm a bit older than you (almost 50) and I must say that my exercise time on the treadmill or walking has really sustained me physically and spiritually (I always bring my memory verse cards). Your back may need some kind of exercise as you run this marathon with Adam and Mackenzie. I will pray that the Lord will direct you in this. Even though I've never met you, I love you as a sister in the Lord. One day we'll meet in glory and see our King of Grace--with our husbands and children perfected!
Sandra, in N.C.

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