Monday, February 28, 2011

Fireproof Your Marriage

I just can't thank you all enough for your prayers for our family, God is answering them!!!  Adam had a great speech therapy session with Brooke today.  He responded to her and cooperated with her throughout the whole session. It was so great to see them both working together and finding a groove that will work for both of them.  Thank you for your prayers, please keep them coming.

Adam's personality was really coming out today, he was being quite driven.  In physical therapy today, Anne had Adam walking in the walker today.  As he was walking he kept kicking his leg outside of the walker.  No matter how hard Anne tried, he kept doing it, he was determined to walk outside of the walker.  In occupational therapy Eri worked with Adam on shaving himself.  He did great.

Tonight was our small group night in North Carolina, we can't wait till we can rejoin them.  But for now we are finding creative ways that we can still be involved and participate.  Tonight we started a new study, Fireproof Your Marriage.  If you haven't seen the movie Fireproof, please make the effort to see it, especially if you're married.  Adam and I worked together on the homework, I would read everything to him and when I asked him questions and he responded I would write down the answers he would tell me.  Fireproof really stresses the imporatance of having God at the center of the marriage.  I know from mine and Adam's marriage that our marriage works best and it's so incredibly special because God is at the center of our marriage, Adam is respected as the leader of our home, and he adores my role as his loving wife.  The study referenced Ephesians 5:21-33 several times, I encourage you all to read this passage and meditate on it, ask God to show you this passage with fresh eyes and ask Him how you can improve your role as a spouse.  I consistently pray that God will make me the wife that he had in mind for Adam when he created him.  Write down your personal prayer and tuck it into your bible, pull it out as often as possible and pray that prayer that God will give you.


Anonymous said...

Father's timing is amazing. I was asking Him to make me the wife my husband needed. I asked Him to make me the kind of wife worthy of the kind of husband I want/need to have. Then, here is your blog. Thank you. I love you, Marion

Mary Strynar said...

The first chapter emphasized "You never leave a partner behind."

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