Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Continuing To Rejoice For All Our Blessings

Quick update...

Today has been another busy busy day.  In occupational therapy Adam worked on his activities of daily living skills, so he showered with OT and brushed his teeth.  He began spitting out his tooth paste so that he doesn't have to have it suctioned out!  This may sound silly, but it's more progress being made every day!  In physical therapy Adam was able to do the Lokomat, the robotic walking machine.  Adam bared the most weight and handled it for the longest distance and longest time yet... he just keeps getting stronger and stronger. 

Please pray for Adam's buddy Dan, he so badly wants to be home with his family and he's had a rough day.    Pray that God will give him the strength and hope he needs to keep stepping forward in his journey.  Pray against discouragement.  Adam and Dan have both helped each other so much and both have made significant gains and I am rejoicing and thanking God for the progress in both of these men.  Acts 2:26 Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest in hope.

Tonight I am resting in the hope that I have that Adam is being rebuilt by his maker.  I am rejoicing for all the progress, and continuing to boldly approach the throne of grace with confidence asking for FULL rebuilding of my man.


Kathleen said...

Spitting is huge! I remember when Cale started spitting, just a few months back. I had him do it several times in a row! Before that (and after suctioning), he would open and let everything run out, but his muscles for spitting were to weak for a long time! Rejoicing in spitting! :)

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING silly about any amount of progress. Father is rebuilding Adam line upon line, precept upon precept. AMEN and AMEN!! I rejoice with you and continue to trust for Adam's complete healing. Much love, Marion

Anonymous said...

I'm continuing to pray constantly for Adam (and for you and sweet Mackenzie) and will pray for Dan, too. We're thinking of Adam tomorrow on his birthday, as well! The verse I saw for Adam for his birthday is this: "But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds ... declares the Lord ..." (Jeremiah 30:17). That is our ongoing prayer for Adam!! Happy, happy birthday tomorrow, Adam, from your friends in Snohomish. With much love ~ Ronn and Sheri :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Adam !! What a wonderful name God has given you !
You are a man of wisdom and courage and deep love and compassion. God has blessed you with the perfect helpmate in Amy. And Mackenzie is a daughter that delights your heart! What beautiful gifts God has given you on this birthday. We pray that today the joy of the Lord would overflow in your spirit and no obstacle to your Father's will would seem impossible to overcome.
We pray the joy of the Lord would strengthen ever fiber of your body and renew your mind ! Love, Jan and Wayne

Wanda said...

Happy Birthday Adam!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy and Adam, Happy Birthday buddy. I miss hanging out with you guys so much. It is raining every day lately and this place is one big mud puddle as a result. Kind of depressing living in a bog. I'm actually ready for the 120 degree summer to return, of course then we get the lovely dust.
But I am very thankful for how God is healing you each day more and more. I am still expecting you to be well enough to pick me up at the airport when I get home:-) I am also wanting you to cook wings for me again! I have been trying to call and email you guys but I can't get though on the cell, and I'm not srue if Amy is checking email now. I would have loved to sing hapy birthday to you from Iraq in my best Marylin Monroe voice:-) I'll have Skype up if you guys really want to hear that. Anyway, blow out some candles and eat a piece of cake or icecream for me. A few more months and I should be headed home, at least for awhile anyways. I am always praying for both of you.
Love, Scott

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