Thursday, February 24, 2011

Casting My Cares

Tonight all 3 of the Root's are in different states. Mackenzie is in North Carolina, Adam is in Massachusetts, and I just landed in Florida. This seems so strange and uncomfortable to be all separated, even if just for a short time. I flew down to Florida to check out a potential facility for Adam to go to when his time at Spaulding is complete. It will be a whirlwind, I will only be here in Florida for a few hours... I don't handle being away from Adam very well at all. Thankfully he has a good team and wonderful people coming to sit with him.  I am letting go tonight, and letting God take care of my family as we are all separated.  1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.

If you all could stop now and pray for my family as well are all apart, but specifically for Adam. He is just not feeling well today. I asked him why he wasn't talking much today and he said his throat really hurts. I know this may seem like a silly little cold, but a cold greatly impacts Adam more than it would you and I. Please pray for Adam's miraculous progress to intensely propel forward, pray that God will continue to rebuild Adam from the inside out and that we will be His mighty hand at work everyday.  Thank you for your prayers, how amazing the thought is that so many of you just stopped and prayed for my man and our family, thank you.

Despite Adam feeling crummy, he still had a full day of therapy. His day began with occupational therapy, Eri and I were able to get Adam into the shower once again since he no longer has casts on! He did a great job helping to dress himself! When he was done with OT, I shaved Adam and we walked down the hall to the library and spent some time in there reading and hanging out. Then it was time for speech, Adam had a difficult time in speech because he was not feeling well and because he is continuing to struggle Brooke's approach to him. Please pray that she will be able to find ways to work with Adam that will be best for him and not necessarily ones that are just best for her. Pray specifically that she will talk to him like a normal person and not yell at him. Pray that I can be patient with his speech sessions.

After lunch, Adam had physical therapy, Anne signed Adam up for brace clinic where he was fitted for a brace on his right foot, he will only need this brace temporarily until his strength is back in his legs to walk being able to push his right heal into the ground and extend the right knee, he does much better than he used to, the brace is just suppose to maximize his potential for walking in a normal posture. His brace will completed next week.

I am so proud of Adam and how far he has come, I can't hardly believe how amazing he is. He works so hard every minute of every day to gain the strength back that he needs to keep healing from his injury. When he has the reason to be annoyed or frustrated, I haven't seen it, he just keeps pushing himself. I have never ever seen such a warrior as I have seen Adam rise to the his calling as God's mighty warrior, and that he is. Everyday I remind him that he is God's warrior and he has begun responding telling me yes, he says yes because he understands that he is a warrior for God's great army. Adam has always been and will forever be my hero.


Anonymous said...

You know, I sort of feel sorry for Brooke. She's going to have to answer for how she treats one of God's chosen. I wouldn't want to be her shoes when she answers to Father. I trust you have found just what Father wants Adam to have, in Florida. Mackenzie will soon be back, as will you. I rejoice with for your family reunion. I love you, Marion

MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

Continue to press on. I'm so glad you use for blog for God's glory and give us the pleasure of walking alongside you. You are on a journey you never expected but it is clear that the Lord is guiding you and even Adam's steps! Thanks be to God!

Temarie said...

I know it is hard for all of you to be a part! We are praying for you during this hard time apart. I miss you all so much and we are praying for Adam's healing every day and for you to have wisdom, discernment, and strength to keep fighting!

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