Friday, January 21, 2011

Praising God For A Fantastic Week

Today has been a sleepy day for all of us... I blame the snow.  We are so over all this snow, rumor has it we're expecting another winter blizzard on Tuesday... ugh.

One good thing about the weather is Mackenzie got a snow day and was able to be with us all day!!! Adam has been pretty tired all day, I think it's because he has been working so hard this week, he's just exhausted.  Even though Adam was tired today, he still worked so hard in his therapies.  In physical therapy Adam did amazing!!!  He was on the walking machine (the one called the Lite Gait), he took several unassisted steps while in the harness!!!   In speech today Adam is enjoying starting on liquids and purees.  I was able to get cleared for feeding Adam today so off to the store Mackenzie and I went and bought Adam some yogurts, sorbet, and other puree foods.  He seemed to really enjoy it tonight.  YAY, he's eating!!!!  His speech therapist Stacie, will be working with him next week to see how he does eating an entire meal, if he tolerates a meal then she will work with the dietitian to come up with a meal plan and work Adam off his tube feeds.  So exciting!!!  In occupational therapy today, Karla worked on getting Adam to stretch and reach forward.  She also worked on getting Adam to look to the right.  

Please keep praying that Adam's tightness in his neck that prevents him from turning his head to the right comfortably... pray that his tightness goes away.   Pray also for his vision, we don't know what his vision is, we won't know until Adam can communicate what he can and can't see.  Please pray that there is no vision problems.  He does know and recognize colors which is awesome, I had two bottles that were exactly the same except the colors, and when I asked him to grab a certain color he grabbed the appropriate color every time!

Mackenzie and I had the privilege of having breakfast with Dr. Chae this morning.  It was so encouraging and fun to talk about what a mighty God we serve and the incredibly miraculous week Adam has had.  Psalm 43:4 Then I will go to the altar of God, to God, my joy and my delight. I will praise you with the lyre, O God, my God. (A lyre is a musical instrument).


Anonymous said...

My dear Friend, I AM excited Adam can try REAL food. My Dave and I were a fast together. It ended this evening. I enjoyed eating real food again, and that was only after a short while. :) Father has His hand on you guys in a special way. He is being glorified in and through you. Thank you. I continue to thank trust for Adam's complete restoration, and for you and Mackenzie's complete peace and comfort. I love you, Marion

Anonymous said...

Food...glorious food! Thank you Jesus...we are praying for a quick and easy transition. Love you all!

Adam...we are so very proud of you, keep up th good work! Fight the good fight of faith and cling to Jesus every step of the way!

Love you, Aunt Kimberly

Anonymous said...

What a week of miracles!! How GOd must delight in your continual praise ! He inhabits the praises of His children so indeed you, like Joshua, are on Holy Ground. I'm still studying Joshua daily too. God's Word is so powerful and so beautiful !
I am so excited that Adam got some real food again! Hooray !! And I'm so excited Mackenzie got to hear her daddy's voice !! Adam, we rejoice and marvel in the courage the Lord has given you and Amy, and Mackenzie. You inspire us daily! Love, Jan and Wayne

Hillary said...

Praising God and renewing my belief in the power of prayer!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, what an amazing time to be in Boston to see Adam's progress! What exitement when he told me "yes" when asked a question. Every day is a new day, that's for sure! God continues to show His faithfulness as you stand firm on your faith. I am so proud of you Amy!
Love, Mom

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