Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miracles Every Day ~ Praising The Lord For Every One Of Them

This last 12 days has not only been amazing, but miraculous... and it just keeps getting better and better!  Adam has had another incredible day.  In speech today Adam ate lunch and he ate enough that they determined he didn't need his afternoon tube feed!  Tomorrow Adam starts on 3 meals a day and the dietitian will come up with a meal plan and work with his calories... this is so exciting!!!

In physical therapy, Erin put Adam onto his stomach and when she did that he got up on his knees and hands, then she explained to him that she needed him to relax and lay on his stomach.  He laid on his stomach and asked for me to lay next to him, so I did... when I did, he scooted his head over to me mine and kissed me.  He then continued to talk to me and told me he just wanted me to be next to him.  I love my man!  Later this afternoon, Adam was upset and when I asked him what he needed he said he just needed me... so sweet.

Tonight as I was walking Adam around for our evening stroll, Adam started vocalizing and seemed a little distressed, I asked him if he was okay and he said no, he then went on to say he didn't feel well, when I asked if his stomach hurt he said no, he told me he had a headache and was dizzy.  We got him right back in bed and gave him something for his headache.  I love that he communicates his needs and feelings, what a blessing and a gift this is.

I am so incredibly blessed to be able to witness miracles on an every day basis.  God is so good, he is so faithful.  I am so grateful for this journey, to be able to see God's hand so faithfully throughout it.  He truly never leaves us and it always walking before us. The Lord God Almighty will be with you, just as you say he is.~ Amos  5:14

I wanted to share another praise and blessing, I think I mentioned that Dan (Adam's buddy on the unit) has a difficult time remembering anything that happened recently.  Today when I was in the hall with Adam, Dan reached over and said "Hey Adam, how's my buddy doing"!!!  He remembered Adam!  This is amazing!  Praising God for the miracles that are happening around us too.


Carlee said...

I read these posts and am speechless. Interestingly enough. Adam is amazing. God is amazing. This is all amazing. God is always with us all and I'm so glad to hear that he continues to walk with you through this journey. He will never stop walking with you and all of us. Our God is miraculous...Healer, provider, compassionate. I'm thankful today for answering all the prayers. I'm thankful that he cares enough about us all that he would show himself to us through you. Praise God that he is who he said he was. So powerful and mighty! Bless you guys as your journey continues. Our God is amazing! Miss you guys so much. Hope to see you someday soon and see this miracle in action. Sleep well tonight Amy! Tell that awesome girl of yours hello for us!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! He's eating regular food. This is so great. It is so cool to see Father's gifts to you and Adam. I am pleased Dan remember's Adam. I continue to trust Father for all of you. Much love, Marion

Anonymous said...

What an amazing week of miracles!!

Adam I am SO EXCITED that Amy and Mackenzie can hear your voice and you can make it more clear what you need!! Again, I want to tell you that you are such a man of courage and God delights in you and sees every need that those around you may not see. His love has been on display in your family in such a miraculous way and He has and will continue to heal others around you as He is healing you !
Dan is just one of many who knows a "good man" and what a joy that he remembers you when he sees you.

I'm studying Joshua too. What a great story of an ordinary man with an AMAZING God that he recognizes as LORD of his life.
We see that in your family as well...... and your faithfulness to trust and cling to HIM inspires us all to love and trust God more each moment of the day!

I pray God will give you ALL you need today my dear friends!!
Love, Jan

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