Wednesday, January 12, 2011

God's Hedge Is Around Us

"Reckon it nothing but joy... whenever you find yourself hedged in by the various trials, be sure that the testing of your faith leads to power of endurance."  (James 1:2-3 Weymouth)  I want to share with you mine and Adam's devotion today because it's perfect, just like God's timing in delivering it to us...

"God hedges in His own in order to protect them.  Yet often we only see the wrong side of the hedge and therefore misunderstand His actions.  And so it was with Job when he asked, 'Why is life given to a man whole way is hidden, whom God has hedged in?' (Job 3:23).  Satan know the value of that hedge!  He challenged the Lord by saying 'Have you not put a hedge around Job and his household and everything he has?' (Job 1:10)"

In every trial there are narrow shafts of light that shine.  Thorns will not prick you until you lean against them, and not one will touch you without God knowing.  Yours and my life circumstances are known to God.  He sympathizes as no one else can and watches to see if through it all, we will dare to trust Him completely.  I am so grateful to have His hedge around Adam, myself, and Mackenzie.  I know His hedge is around Adam, that's why Adam is still here fighting every day to recover from his injury.  As for me, I believe His hedge has protected Mackenzie and I as well... I am standing firm in Him, He is where my hope comes from.  He has been, continues to be, and will always be my refuge, my strength, my hope, my joy... He knows my sorrows, my struggles, my pain, my frustrations, my heart... and He loves me just the same.

We survived the treacherous storm. 22 inches of snow with 50 mile an our winds is something I don't have to do again.  Walking to the hospital this morning was quite the challenge, and I should have taken a clue when I didn't see anyone else walking either, but I was on a mission... I needed to be with my man.

Today was kind of a hard day, Adam has been fighting some sleepiness this week he was alert and awake this morning and late tonight, but throughout the whole day he would only wake for 5 minutes at a time here and there.  His sleepiness has increased this week, I asked to meet with Dr. Chae tomorrow so I can share my thoughts, concerns, and ideas as to what is causing Adam's change.  Be praying for Adam to continue to lean on God to get the strength he needs to fight this battle he is in.  I still remind him that he is God's mighty warrior and he's in battle, he's got to keep fighting a good fight, he can't give up. 

So overall it was a slow day in therapies.  He did well on the walking machine and was able to get several good steps in.  He got his second shower this morning in occupational therapy and he seemed to enjoy it a bit better this time than last, but still wasn't sure about it.  Adam did great with ice chips throughout the day.  Stacie gave me permission to do ice chips and a lolly pop with Adam, so in his moments of being awake we worked on his swallowing reflex with ice chips, he did great.

Missing my man more than ever tonight...


Anonymous said...

Loving you all and praying fervently as God brings you to mind! Kimberly

Anonymous said...

Amy, Father is too funny. I just got off the phone with my Dave. He made an off comment. I was in a small stew about it. I get on your blog, the first thing I read...Count it all JOY when you meet various trials!!!!! I'm still chuckling at the timing. Oh, honey, I so admire you and your little family. Just why Father has chosen you to go through this for Him, I don't know. I do know He is VERY PROUD of you. He is saying, like with Job, see Amy, see how she's doing, she how she honor's Me through it all. Yes, you are a witness to others, MORE than that, you ae a delight to Father's heart. Much love, Marion

Kathleen said...

Loved the devotion and love you too! It was just what I needed to read for today as I wait for Cale in surgery! Praying for all three of you!

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