Sunday, January 16, 2011

Continuing To Rejoice, Continuing To Pray, Continuing To Believe

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments, text messages, facebook comments, and emails... you all are such an inspiration and we are so blessed by your encouragement.  As I read them to Adam, I couldn't help but to cry... I was so touched by your sweet words.  Thank you.

Luke 11: 9-10 And I say unto you, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asks receives; and he that seeks finds; and to him that knocks it shall be opened."   We are called to ask God, to seek him, to approach the throne of grace with expectancy of seeing God work through us, in us, and around us.  While I am still rejoicing and giving thanks for the miracles that have taken place, I am also continuing to boldly approach the throne with confidence asking, and seeking God for Adam's FULL restoration... it's coming!!!  I believe it with all my heart!!!  I challenge you to ask God to radically change your prayer life and to teach you how to approach the throne of grace in your prayer time.  Please keep praying for Adam's speech to return, while he is speaking little bits, today he was trying so hard to say more and it still isn't all coming out as words, so please keep praying.  We rejoice in the words we hear, and are praying with confidence for God's healing hand to continue to touch Adam.

Lord, I ask that you continue to guide me in this journey, teaching me to fear You, to seek you with all my heart, and to approach Your throne with confidence and boldness.  I thank You for hearing the cries of my heart and healing Adam one cell, one neuron, one axon at a time.  Oh how I love you.  Thank you for our miracles... thank you for choosing us to be your vessels.  Be with Adam, continuing to give him the courage and strength he needs for this battle, thank you for making him Your mighty warrior.  Amen.
Today was another great day, Adam and I walked this morning and visited with the other patients.  I was telling Adam that by him visiting them he helps them to recover from their injuries too.  Rest is still something extremely important to Adam and his healing... and I am protective of his rest because too much of anything can cause him to digress if he doesn't rest when he's tired. So after our morning walk, around lunch time he went back to sleep for a bit.  When he woke late this afternoon, he got back in his chair and we sat him in the hallway with his bed side table and gave him a medical supply book and he started to flip through and act as if he was reading it.  One nurse came over to Adam and asked him if he found anything good in there and he replied with a no.  Too funny. 

Since he was sitting so well there and had the table in front of him and he was so alert and awake, I have been dying to put a piece of paper and pencil in front of him so I did tonight... he picked up the pencil and moved it around until he was able to hold it and write on the paper.  I showed him how to write his name and he just drew was trying hard to write his name.  I just sat next to him and watched him, at one point he flipped his pencil upside down and erased part of what he drew and even scooted the eraser shavings away... he's amazing.  I love that we are seeing him defy all the odds.

My precious moment with him came when I was getting him ready for bed and tucking him in, I was leaning over his bed and my hair got in my face and he lifted his hand and moved my hair out of the way, then pointed to his lips for a kiss.  I didn't hesitate!  I said how much I loved him and he whispered I love you too. When it came time to say goodnight I said goodnight and he whispered it back... I love my sweet man, he's an incredible miracle and I thank God that he chose me to be Adam's wife, what an honor.

I am still rejoicing and giving God the glory for the miracles that have taken place, and the miracles that have yet to come.  Many of you have commented through out this journey about hearing Chris Tomlin's song "Our God" as being Adam's song for this journey.  All day today I have been singing it.  Our God is healer, awesome in power... Our God, our God.


Anonymous said...

Standing firm with you, Amy and Adam, grateful for what has been given..believing for what is to come..God's very best!!! In awe of Him, Jody Blair

Kimberly Lynne said...

Joy abounds and in resounding throughout the Root family here in Oregon also...God is Good!
We love you all! We are cheering, Laughing, crying, praising and encouraging one another with the affirmation that God will heal Adam FULLY! Stand Strong you have an Army cheering you on!
Love, Auntie Kimberly

jodi_96 said...

He whispered "I love you"? What a gift!! That's awesome! We are so thrilled to rejoice with you in the miracles God is performing. And, I LOVE that song!!

DeAnna said...

Many of us have been rejoicing from Horizon Community Church today. We have been watching and waiting and praying along with you. Praying that you get some rest with all that is happening I am sure it is hard to sleep. Can't wait to continue to read in the weeks and months ahead. As Roger reminds us GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!!

Kari & Ryan said...

This is such good news!

Anonymous said...

I was looking at your prayer card this morning. I come to the computer and got to read your blog. Thank you!! Hear my heart, I will no longer ask for Adam's healing, but having asked I WILL REJOICE IN THE ANSWER, THANKING FATHER FOR THE COMPLETE HEALING AND NEWNESS OF LIFE. AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN!!! You are one of my priceless treasures. I am grateful Father gave you to me. He only gives the very best. Marion

Karie Garner said...

I am soooo excited for Adam!!! Praise God!!!

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