Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Continuing To Pray

I am so proud of Adam and how hard he is working. I am so blessed to see God's right hand touching Adam daily. He is truly God's mighty warrior! (Judges 6:12) I was asking Stacie Adam's speech therapist about the the difference in numbers on the coma recovery scale... she explained to me that there are 5 levels to determine the level of coma Adam is in, non-responsive, vegetative, minimally conscience, emerging conscientiousness, and emerged. When we first got to Spaulding Adam was considered in a vegetative stage when he scored a 9, so Friday when Stacie gave him the coma recovery scale test and he scored a 17 he is considered to be emerging!!! GO ADAM! The amazing part about speech therapy today was, Stacie was giving Adam some ice chips and she asked him if he wanted more, instead of head nodding or giving a thumbs up he reached over towards Stacie and grabbed the spoon from her hand and took it up to his mouth and fed himself the ice cube! He's doing amazing. Stacie is amazing at how hard she works with Adam and he is finally responding to her, thank you for praying!

In physical therapy Erin worked with Adam on standing, he stood with her almost her whole session... Erin said this is the best stand she has felt like he has done! He played basketball while she was helping him stand. He did awesome! Adam was assigned a new occupational therapist to his team... Karla will be his new occupational therapist, so please join me in praying for Karla to have wisdom in working with Adam. She worked on stretching Adam out as well as reaching forward. I think she is a great addition to Adam's team.

So today I had an appointment outside of the hospital and when I was leaving I saw this poster in the lobby...

I love that I was reminded that God is in control and He does have a plan and part of his plan is having to go through this journey. Psalm 31:14 But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, "You are my God."
Please keep praying for Adam to continue to make progress, please keep praying for the ability to quickly process information, pray for speech, pray for the ability to have drive and alertness. Pray for his muscle tone to get better. Pray for FULL recovery.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome day. So thrilled that the operation didn't set him back! His power to heal is working on Adam. Praise the Lord.

Teri Hooper said...

I cannot believe you saw that poster in the lobby at Spaulding! Our God is so awesome!! I know you hate leaving Adam and to see that on your way out must have been such a comfort. Praise God Adam is doing even better after just going through surgery. Keep reading about God's mighty warrior to your mighty warrior. Guess I don't have to pray about Adam being discouraged - but will pray no discouragement sets in. Love to y'all

Anonymous said...

Amy, I can't tell you how pleased I am at what Father is doing in Adam....evidence of the step by step complete healing we all are trusting Father for. Thank you for sharing the poster. My hubby and I are okay, it's just good to remember Father is in control. I just remembered something I heard on Christian Talk Radio yesterday, Father doesn't want to take trouble out of our marriage, He wants to use it to shape us. Sometimes, I tell Father I could use a little...maybe a lottle less shaping. :) Your faith is a constant delight to me. I love you, Marion

kyla_ruck said...

You constantly amaze me and inspire me. Your continued trust in what God has planned for you guys during this time is inspiring and such a witness. God is proud. I just want you to know that we continue to pray for COMPLETE healing for Adam daily and for you and Mackenzie. Thanks for the updates Kyla

Anonymous said...

Emerging!!!!!! Praise God!
I am so glad you put the levels and Adams scores on your blog, I have actually been wondering about that. What great news! Please tell Adam that the two of you have blessed and encouraged so many of our lives. .. Your faith and your fortitude are inspiring. For both of you, cling to Jesus moment by moment...God is Good! I love you guys, Kmberly

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