Sunday, January 30, 2011

Church, Friends, and Moving Forward In The Journey

Today Adam and I attended church online... there are quite a few churches that do live broadcasts of the whole church service, so not only do we get to participate in worship, but we get to hear a great message as well.  Today Adam and I attended Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  It was so great, and without even knowing what the service was going to be on, it was on a chapter in Joshua!  In the worship service we were singing the hymn "It Is Well", after the song was over, Adam turned to me and said "it is well". 

Adam has become a popular guy.  He's had quite a few visitors.  We were blessed to have Gary and Holly Parrott come by for a visit.  It was great to visit with them and fellowship together.  Gary really encouraged Adam, and I am so thankful that they took the time to stop by to encourage Adam and to pray with us.  I am so grateful for the friends that God has provided us.  Dan's mom Barb, dad Tom, and his brother Mike all came to check on Adam today.  So sweet, we are so blessed to have made some good relationships here.  The last week or so, Adam and I have been able to meet and get to know quite a few families in our wing.  The patient families are all so great and we all look out for each other.

Adam had a great day! Praise the Lord!  Adam ate all 3 meals today and didn't need any of his tube feeds today!  This is so exciting.  Adam is actually gaining weight!  He is getting stronger every day.  I just love my man.  He was in his wheelchair for most of the day today, and continued to walk his chair backwards down the hall, he also figured out how to turn it around.  I was trying to teach him how to wheel the wheels with his hands to go forward... it's coming!

Thank you all for your sweet prayers and words of encouragement today, Adam and I are so blessed .  Pray for Adam's week coming up, pray for strength, courage, endurance, hope.  Pray for his speech, for his memory.  Pray for his ability to stand and walk, Adam is getting so restless in his chair.  Psalm 18:32 It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.

We have begun celebrating birthday week!  Adam's birthday is Thursday, and I just want to mention this for those of you who would like to send Adam a birthday card to encourage Adam... I know that would mean a lot to him.  Please by no means feel obligated, please only do this if it is on your heart to do so. 


Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful report for today!! Thanks for posting the picture yesterday of Adam and Mackenzie. What a beautiful family you are. Your joy in the Lord is so contagious!! Isn't it amazing how the Lord shows us new family everywhere we go IF we just listen and look and reach out!!
I pray that Adam will have a WONDERFUL birthday week!
Love and prayers, Jan and Wayne

Anonymous said...

Rejoicing with great joy! God is so good! Adam, next time I see you I am bringing anything...everything you want to eat with me! Praying for you throughout each day.
"It is well..."
Love, Kimberly

Kathleen said...

Amy! I'm so excited Adam is eating!!!! I love it! I can't wait to have you, Adam, Mackenzie, Cale, and myself to share a yummy home cooked meal together! What a wonderful, beautiful, amazing time that will be! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Amy, I am so happy for the friends Father has given Adam, and you. A good friend is a true gift. Yes, I will continue to thank and trust Father for all of Adam's needs, and for you and your sweet Mackenzie. Much love, Marion

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