Friday, January 7, 2011


Thank you all so much for praying for my man, he seems to be doing much better today.  I was thinking of all the progress he has made while being at Spaulding and I am so grateful that we are here and he has been given this chance to recover.  While we may have had some hard moments, the blessings and progress far out weigh the hard moments.  During my quiet time today I made a list of Adam's progress he has made and how grateful I am for how far he has come.  He is truly such an amazing warrior and fighter, I am so proud of him.

Adam is still adjusting to having a roommate and therefore he didn't sleep well last night, he was a little sleepy today, but fought through it and participated in all his therapies... he did great.  Specific things he needs prayer for is...

In speech: Pray for Adam's sensation to swallow to grow stronger so he can start eating soon.  Pray that he will manage the ice chips well.  Pray for yes and no communication to become consistent.

In physical therapy:  Pray for Adam's tone to decrease, pray for his stand to get stronger and more indepenant.   Pray for his foot drop to continue to heal to a more normal posture.

In occupational therapy:  Pray for more independance when it comes to taking care of himself, pray for the sensation and ability to communicate when he needs to use the restroom.  Pray for strength in his hands and arms.

For his day to day needs: Pray that he will have the strength to change positions while he's in bed.  Pray for joy, strength, courage, peace, comfort, hope, please keep praying for FULL restoration.

When Adam was in surgery on Monday, God reminded me through my quiet time that He is building Adam, not tearing him down, not reconstructing him, but building him.  I loved this thought, because if God's not reconstructing Adam, it means He's building him from the ground up, one neuron, one axon, one cell at a time.  Jeremiah 31:4 I will build you up again, and you, will be rebuilt.


Anonymous said...

Dear One, I love that last paragraph. Isn't Father so good to remind you/us just how much He loves us and takes care of us. I trust Father will show Adam the reason for the roommate and cause him to delight in having one. I trust Father will give your sweet family many wonderous moments together in spite of...maybe because of Adam's having a roommate. I love you, Marion

Anonymous said...

dear sweet Amy.... your joy and hope in Christ is a healing balm to your family and to those who read your post!! And Adam, what an AMAZING man you are!! Daily you inspire others through your hard work and attitude of dependency on your Heavenly Father.
WIth rejoicing at His good work in you and Amy and Mackenzie..... we join you in celebrating and seeking the Father daily for His very best for your family !! A true man of God leads his family with all the resources God gives... and that Adam is an inspiration to us all. We celebrate the accomplishments and answered prayers so far and we continue to pray for a FULL recovery and GOD's peace and Joy for the whole family! love, Jan and Wayne

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