Friday, December 24, 2010

What A Way To Spend Christmas Eve... Such A Long Day

Psalm 41:3
The LORD will strengthen him on his bed of illness; You will sustain him on his sickbed.
Today has been a long day.  This morning started with Dr. Chae ordering a head CT on Adam, because he is leaving for England tomorrow and wanted to be sure everything was explored for Adam because he still isn't quite himself.  All CT's are done a Massachusetts General Hospital, just down the road from Spaulding.  So Mackenzie and I loaded up into the ambulance with Adam for his appointment... Mackenzie was excited to ride in the ambulance for her first time.  (I told her this was the only way she could ride in an ambulance, she could ride as a passenger, not as a patient... I was joking, but there is some truth behind the joke)  Little did she know she would be riding in the ambulance 3 more times today.  Adam's appointment went really fast, we were in and out and back to Spaulding all within an hour. 

By the time Kevin and Sean (the EMT paramedics) helped get Adam into bed, Dr. Chae walked into Adam's room... I knew then it didn't look good.  Like I have always said, no news is good news, if it's bad news you seem to know right away.  So only having been back at Spaulding for 5 minutes and having Dr. Chae walk in, I knew it didn't look good.  Adam's CT scan revealed that he had an increase of hydrocephalus (a build up of CSF in Adam's brain).  Adam's ventricles doubled in size that is now much fluid had built up.  Dr. Chae told me, he needed to send us to Massachusetts General Hospital to have Adam's shunt looked at.  Luckily enough Kevin and Sean hadn't even left Adam's unit yet so they just hung out for a few minutes while the paperwork came through so that they could escort us back to MGH.  The increase fluid was as a result of 1 of 2 possibilities.  Either Adam's shunt was draining enough fluid and would only require a simple adjustment, or his CSF could have been infected causing the shunt to fail and need to be replaced.  So after a series of tests, and close monitoring... it was determined that his shunt just needed to be adjusted and everything else was good!!!  Praise the Lord.  So after 6 and half hours in the ER at MGH we were discharged back to Spaulding for close monitoring for the next 24 hours.

It was really special because having to be transported 4 times today, we were blessed to be escorted by Sean and Kevin throughout the day.  Mackenzie has been so strong through this whole journey and I am truly proud of how she just goes with the flow from moment to moment, especially in the very difficult moments.  So today, Christmas Eve, she just rolled with it even though this is not how she wanted to spend her Christmas Eve.  She didn't say anything about herself, but showed concern for Adam, and for the other kids that were expecting her to play with them down on the pediatric floor.  While we were in the ER at MGH, Sean came back and brought Mackenzie a gift... he then said to her... "I have been doing this job since your dad was 10 years old, and never in all these years have a met such an amazing kid like you."  He said to me that he was so touched by how she handles herself, her maturity, and how she was concerned about others rather than herself.  Wow, what a compliment, I am so proud of her and how she handles herself.  She did amazing today.

 Sean and Mackenzie in the ER at MGH
Kevin, Mackenzie, Sean, and I back at Adam's room at Spaulding tonight

After we got Adam all settled and resting comfortable, Mackenzie and I were invited over to Dr. Chae's home for dinner.  I wasn't sure I was up for it, I just wanted to be with Adam and Spualding has very strict visiting hours that I was worried I wouldn't be able to see him again this evening if I left.  I just had to choose to believe that what ever happens, happens for a reason and I just need to trust.  So off to Dr. Chae's for dinner, and a night of fellowship.  What a blessing this turned out to be.  There were several other people there that Mackenzie and I had met from when we went to Hallelujah night at his church.  It was to fellowship tonight and it was awesome to see Mackenzie play and be a kid.  We had a great time, and I was able to make it back to Spaulding and security escorted me to see Adam and I was able to spend a few minutes before they escorted me out.  Can't wait to get back in the morning,  for now I am trusting and believing that Adam is in God's hands and there is no safer place to be.  Isaiah 58:8  Then your light shall break forth like the morning, Your healing shall spring forth speedily,And your righteousness shall go before you; The glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear Amy & sweet Mackenzie ... I'm praying for you tonight on Christmas Eve. I'll be lifting up all three of you tomorrow, too. Know that you are not alone ... people love you and are praying, even though miles separate all of us. May God bless your Christmas Day tomorrow in a very special way.

Lovingly, Sheri Halberg/Snohomish, WA

Anonymous said...

Dear One, I am amazed at your being able to write after such a day. Truly a gift. Thank you for being so faithful. Please tell Mackenzie I am soooooo proud of her, and that I am delighted she had some "kid" time. I continue to trust Father for your sweet family, and that He will give you an extra special day on the day we celebrate His Son's birth. I love you, Marion

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from Oregon. You and Mackenzie are an inspiration to us all. May all three of you have a great Christmas.

roadie said...

Thank you for your story about Mackenzie's unselfish attitude. I needed the fresh perspective today as our kids are scattered in many locations today, from the Philippines...Phoenix...Pasco...and elsewhere locally. God is so faithful and gives us just what we need when we need it. I am blessed over and over by your blog...more importantly, by you! Love, Leanne

Jewel said...

Mackenzie is such an amazing girl! She has some pretty amazing parents as well:) Love you guys, and I hope you had a sweet Christmas yesterday!

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