Saturday, December 4, 2010

Starting The Day In Prayer!

The weekend therapy schedule at Spaulding can get tricky because staffing is quite a bit less on the weekends so anytime that Adam makes the weekend therapy schedule I rejoice and give thanks.  Therapy is not something I take for granted.  Last night when I left he was scheduled for afternoon therapy, but when I got in this morning to bathe Adam and get him dressed and ready for his day, I double checked the therapy and he had been switched to a morning session.  By the time I realized this, I only had 40 minutes to get him bathed, dressed, and up in his wheelchair, normally this takes me anywhere between an hour and two hours.  So I had to be speedy.  I told Adam I had to bathe him quickly and he nodded yes, he was ready to help.  He gave me a funny look and I was trying to figure it out for a bit... I explained to him that we were a team and I asked if I was being too rough, since I was flying to get him ready, he shook his head no but still looked puzzled. 

Finally it hit me... I always start Adam's day by grabbing his hands, saying good morning, and we pray together.  So when it hit me in the middle of his bath that I hadn't done that yet, I stopped, grabbed his hands, and asked him to pray... he shook his head yes and smiled.  As soon as we closed our prayer Adam was much more peaceful and the puzzled look disappeared.  James 5:16 "Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed."  Starting our day off in prayer has always been important to Adam and I, I could see today for Adam it is still important, praise the Lord that Adam is so alert and aware to know that he wants to start his day offering a sacrifice and renewing his mind.  After praying we quickly finished and Adam made it in time for therapy!

Since we worked fast to get him ready, that was a lot of stimulation for him that by the time therapy started Adam was pretty tired.  The occupational therapist who worked with Adam today, Michelle, played a game of catch with Adam... Adam did awesome!  After therapy we went back to his room and Adam woke up, so I took this time to give him a longer therapy session.  We worked with the switch and Adam did great turning it on and off.  We also worked on some flash cards where he was able to nod his head yes and shake his head no appropriately.  He's doing fantastic!  We played with Plato for a few moments and I was able to read to him for a bit... we worked hard for almost 2 hours then his parents came for a visit and his mom bought him a special air hockey kind of thing that he can play on his tray table... He did pretty good, he engaged wonderfully and concentrated on the puck... he did great.  The he was pretty tired so I got him back to bed and he slept most of the afternoon. 

Please pray for Adam's upcoming surgery.  Also pray that he would be comfortable until then.  He is really struggling and uncomfortable, he has been trying to pull on his trach quite a bit today.  So please pray that he can tolerate his trach a little while longer.  We still don't have an exact time or date of his surgery, but I know the doctors are trying to get him in Monday or Tuesday.

After reflecting on the day, and Adam this morning... I just encourage all you to start your day off praying and watch how God will reveal himself to you throughout the day.  That is my prayer tonight for all of you, that as you begin your day in pray that God would then reveal himself to you throughout the day.


Kathleen said...

Hey Amy! I wanted to give you some encouragement...Adam being able to remember you starting the day in prayer is HUGE! He's carrying over information which is a big deal with severe TBI. Cale is just starting to carryover more and still has tons of trouble. Maybe you can mention it to his Neuro Psych? I'm so excitied that he's able to do that! Really big deal! :)

Tracy Root said...

Thanks Amy for sharing these intimate moments with us. You and Adam are such strong warriors. I was so encouraged and blessed to read about your mighty hurdles. God is so good. Love to you both ~ Tracy

Anonymous said...

My Friend, Thank you for being you and sharing yourself with me. Thank you for praying for me. I continue to trust Father for you and your family. I love you, Marion

Anonymous said...

Amy, Thank you for your sweet sharing. You are traveling this trial with such trust and faith in our great God who loves us so very much. I'm thankful to hear how you are so in tune with your sweetheart and the Lord used it to bless you, and then you, in turn blessed all of your readers with a great reminder--PRAY! I've been meditating on Luke 18 this week. Yes, dear sister, let's keep praying and not lose heart! Blessings to you--one day we'll meet in heaven,
Sandra Beasley

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