Sunday, December 19, 2010

Praying For God's Peace and Comfort

Today we spent the day with Adam.  It was a nice day to be in the hospital next to him, and there was nowhere else I wanted to be expect there with him. 

Adam had physical therapy today because with next weekend being a holiday weekend and a lot of people off, they wanted to make sure Adam still got his 6 days of therapy in this week.  It was a very short session, but I am grateful for the fact of him receiving therapy today.  The therapist that worked with Adam today worked on his sitting balance, he is doing so well sitting on his own!  He can usually sit up to 4 or 5 minutes with no assistance!  The therapist also stood Adam up and Adam had great posture and was able to hold his upper body well on his own.  The therapists who worked with him only had to hold his legs and hips up... he is getting stronger every day!  I am so proud of my man.

Please join me in prayer for Adam, his white blood count showed a slight elevation today, which usually means infection... but the doctor also said a slight elevation can be caused by stress as well, but just to be sure he ordered a bunch of tests to rule out any infections... please pray that there is no infection to be found and pray that it wasn't caused by stress either... I would hate to think of Adam being stressed out, but with him not being cared for yesterday the way he should have been, that could have caused stress on him... which is why I won't be comfortable leaving him for awhile.  I am praying that God will give both of us peace when we are not with each other.  I know Adam is more relaxed and does better when I'm around and I too am more relaxed and function better when I am the one caring for him... but at night when we are separated for rest, I am praying that we will both be comforted by God's peace.  I am casting my burdens on Christ and trusting that He will sustain me.  Psalm 55:22

Mackenzie and I have so enjoyed Debbie and Diana being here for the weekend, our time with them went by way too fast.  Pray for their travels tomorrow as they travel back home.

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Anonymous said...

ingaAmy, Not that it helps any, but, stressed is desserts spelled backwards. Oh, my friend, my one comfort during this, is your unwavering trust of Father. He is proud of you, and honors your faithfulness. I continue to trust Father for all of you. Much love, Marion

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