Monday, December 6, 2010

No Surgery Yet...

It has taken several days, but Dr. Chae was finally able to get in touch with Adam's ENT doctor Dr. Song... after discussing Adam's trach issues, Dr. Song informed Dr. Chae that what it sounds like is happening is Adam has inflammation around the site of his granuloma (granulated tissue).  He said he would not operate on Adam until the inflammation went down, which could take a couple of weeks.  For now they are going to treat it with steroids and an antibiotic.  We have an appointment with Dr. Song on Wednesday and I should be able to find out more details about how long till Adam is able to have the surgery.  Once again I am reminded that it is His timing and not mine.  Isaiah 64:4 "Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him."  His timing is perfect, and while I would love Adam to have his surgery tomorrow, I am choosing to trust in God and His timing, I love the promise that God acts on our behalf when we wait... talk about serious motivation to be patient and wait, know that God will act on my and Adam's behalf, it sure does make it easier to wait this out and trust in Him!  God is so faithful and His love does endure forever... praise the Lord!

Please pray in the mean time that the inflammation will decrease quickly.  Please also pray for Adam to be comfortable in the meantime, as he has become more aware he is becoming more uncomfortable.  He went through quite an episode this afternoon where he was very upset and inconsolable, he kept grabbing for his trach.  After not being able to talk to him and get him to calm down, Adam looked at me and opened his arms and stretched them out for a hug... so I climbed into bed with him laid my head on his chest and just talked to him, he started to hold me and rub his fingers through my hair, and he calmed down.  Yes, my man loves me so much and I love him!  To keep Adam from pulling out his trach when I am not here he will have to wear restraints.  Please pray that he will continue to emerge from his coma and as he does pray that he will find comfort in God's peace that surrounds him.

Adam had a good day in therapies, he was alert and awake for speech and physical therapy.  He had some sleepy moments in occupational therapy, but overall did great.  Stacie (speech) worked with Adam some more with switches and buttons, she is really working hard to establish a solid yes and no from Adam.  He doesn't like to nod for her.  He will nod and shake his head for me, Erin (physical), and Becky (occupational), but he doesn't do it for Stacie, not sure why but I am working on trying to figure it out.  Physical therapy, Erin worked with Adam on standing and finding balance, he is getting strong every day!  Becky (occupational), did some exercises with Adam and then had him pedal the arm bike.  He made it around ten times!  Again, he is getting so strong, I am so proud of him for how hard he is working!

Tonight the three of us, Adam, Mackenzie, and I are hanging out together.  It doesn't matter what our family time looks like, what matters is that we get family time and that we are a family, praise the Lord I have my man and my kiddo, I am one blessed girl!


Anonymous said...

Lord please give Adam and Amy an extra anointing of peace over there lives and the details of this journey as they trust in you. We choose to praise you in all things...knowing that you carry them and that you love them with an incomprehensible love.
We praise you and thank you Jesus for Full recovery. Amen Love you guys,
Aunt Kimberly

Anonymous said...

My dear Amy, I am so proud of you. Father is very evident in your life. He too, is proud of you. I just know Father has many special blessings for you as you go through each day. One gift I see in you already, is the gift to see Father in all things. I love you and continue to trust Father with you and your sweet family. Marion Hansen

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