Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kiss Me Like You Mean It

7 months ago today was Adam's accident, the memories I have from the week before Adam's accident are precious and ones that I cherish and hold onto every day of this journey.  One of my special memories, Adam and I were listening to the radio broadcast Focus on the Family and the author of the book "Kiss Me Like You Mean It" shared the importance of kissing your spouse differently that anyone else.  So for the week leading up to Adam's accident, he took this seriously and kiss me so passionately and often.  It was never done jokingly, but always fun, yet sincere and genuine.  I just see this as one more way God prepared us for this journey, God knew it was going to be a long time, 6 months, before I received a  kiss from Adam.  God is truly walking every step of this journey before us.  Please I encourage all of you who are married to listen to this broadcast.

Adam has had an off day today, he seems to be fighting something and it's hard to tell just what it is because he's been on antibiotics for over a week. Adam had a difficult time in speech today, and also in physical therapy. Erin noticed that his eyes were bouncing quite a bit today which is a sign that he is dizzy so the doctor ordered more fluids with potassium and that seemed to help, his eyes are no longer bouncing and seem to be looking better than they did this morning. When it came time to occupational therapy, Becky worked with Adam from his bed, she worked on standing and stretching. Please pray for Adam tonight, please pray that the sleep he gets tonight will bring healing to his body. Pray that his body will be able to prepare for therapies tomorrow.

Psalm 18:1 I love you, LORD, my strength.   God truly has been my strength, hope, and joy, holding me up and carrying me in the palm of His hands for the last 7 months and I know he will continue to be and do so.  I will continue to trust in Him, trust in His promises, hold onto His truths, and know that He is in control.  I vow to continue to stand by my man and cheer him on every second of every day.  I  love my man and I am so blessed that he chose me, that he cherishes me, and that he shows his love for me every day.  My man is a precious gift from above.

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