Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hard Work, Holiday Party, and Healing

Thank you all for praying for us during this holiday season, we can your prayers.  We feel so blessed that you all care so much about Adam and our family to continue praying for us, thank you.

Adam had a pretty good day today, despite not feeling a hundred percent. Adam is a little more sleepy than usual because Dr. Chae increased his seizure medication to give Adam some cushion.  With his rash, sore throat, and some type of an infection (still waiting results), Dr. Chae just wanted to be safe and make sure none of these issues would cause Adam to seize.  With the increase in the seizure medication it causes Adam to be more lethargic.  Hopefully once they figure out the infection, treat it, and when Adam starts to feel better again then the doctors will decrease it.  So even though he was sleepy he did great in therapy today, not quite where he has been but he defiantly gave it his all!  In speech today we were working with the buttons again to try to get Adam to understand that when he pushes the buttons, he gets a response.  He did good, but was pretty sleepy.  In physical therapy today he stood again for almost 20 minutes with the assistance of the physical therapist!  It was the best stand yet that he's done, I am consistently feeling his muscles when he's working them so that I can see how much he's doing and today was the best I have felt his right muscles engage in a stand!!!  Go Adam!!!  Amazing!!!  In occupational therapy, the therapy dog stopped by and helped Adam with his session, Adam did great petting the dog and watching him the whole time, Adam even fed the dog his treats.  I am so proud of how hard Adam works every day, even when he's not feeling the greatest. 

After therapies were finished, the 8th floor had their holiday party.  So Mackenzie and I wheeled Adam down to the holiday party for a little socialization.  Adam was pretty tired since he had just finished therapy, but we stayed for the games and then when it started to be more social Adam was ready for some peace and quiet so we returned to his room.  At least once in the day when Adam is in his chair I can find Mackenzie sitting on his lap in his chair with him all snuggled into him, it's so sweet, and today she was wearing a Christmas tree headband and she put a Santa hat on Adam, it was so funny to see the reactions as I pushed them down the hallway... I do have such a wonderful family and I am so blessed by the time we get to spend together. 

Ephesians 4:16 From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

Tonight I am marveling at that how awesome of a God we serve to create us and I am praying that as He is knitting Adam back together, Adam's body will be fully restored and built with His love so that each part will be able to do what it was designed to do.  I am praying for patience to rest that everything is in His timing, and I am praying that God will give me what I need to hold onto Him and keep trusting in Him.  I am praying that while I wait, he continues to grow my faith and make me more faithful.  I am praying for miraculous healing to overcome Adam's body, and I know and believe with every fiber of my being that God can miraculously heal Adam, I will trust in His plan for full restoration, but in His timing.  We serve a mighty God who is doing a mighty work in His mighty warrior. 


Christina said...

Merry Christmas you three! We love you down in North Carolina. Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! :) maybe you are having a different christmas this year, but you're so blessed to have your man still on your site, getting better with every day... everything has its time and what happened to adam is just cruel, BUT YOUR GOD protected him and step by step He guides him in the right direction. i think, your next holiday party will be at home..just hold on a bit longer, wait for the Lord, He will dry all your tears. Have peace to enjoy the blessings He gives your family today. God loves you guys so much, He wants you so close to his heart and closer and closer. He has so much love its insane, all He wants is His children gathering around Him.. God must be lovesick, He'd love to 'beam' you from planet earth right into His arms, but His heart is crying out for all his yet lost children here on earth that he resists to 'press the beam button' because He can use honest hearts to work and reach his unaware kids. He does not want that a single one gets lost, not one. This God takes care of you and your fam. To this God you can pray directly without prior appointmant and without time limit and the best, this God is no fiction from a comic book or the latest 3D movie. This God happens to be real and everything He does is real, he restore adam's health in real time, no fiction here.

i wish you guys all the best and a wonderful christmas :)

big hug,

ps: i stumbled over this verse today and i immediately thought of you, so maybe you can use it. exodus 33:17

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