Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Giving God So Much Glory

Giving God glory allows us to celebrate daily at the works of His hand, giving God glory allows me to be intentional of what He is doing moment by moment.  In Psalm 96, all earth is summoned to give glory to God. When Christ completed His work on earth, He entered into His glory in heaven. Clothed in robes of majesty and crowned in glory, the beauty of holiness is personified in Christ Jesus... we are all called to give God glory and if we are intentional about it, we will see there is plenty to discover just how awesome our God is and to Him all glory is due!

Adam and I came together this evening and gave God glory for the day!  What a miraculous day we have had!  Adam's day started with speech therapy, I talked with Stacie and shared my concerns, I explained that I think Adam needed a challenge from her.  I haven't seen Adam respond to Stacie like he has his other therapist.  However, Stacie is awesome at what she does and is an incredible advocate for Adam so I know it's not her... I just believe Adam is tired of doing the same things over and over that he has shut her and needs a challenge.  She instantly started thinking of what she could do, she asked Adam's interests and then she asked to borrow my laptop... she let Adam have a switch and every time he hit it we clicked a new picture on the laptop.  Adam did awesome at this, he was checking out every picture!  Stacie decided since he's doing so well with the switch that it's time for him to be evaluated by the department at Spaulding called ATEC, they help determine the best methods that Adam can use to communicate.  So next week he will most likely be evaluated for that!!!

Adam's day only got better... next he was in physical therapy with Erin... he started by sitting on the therapy mat and when I say sitting I mean sitting all by himself unassisted!!!  Erin's goal was for 30 seconds, but Adam likes a good challenge and blew her goal way out... he sat for over 2 minutes!!!  My man is incredible!  Next, Erin raised the map so his feet we dangling.  She rolled a beach ball to him and Adam kicked it back, he was stopping the ball with his feet and kicking it back to her!!! This was incredible to watch.  He must have kicked the ball back to her 20 times or so!!!  He is gaining strength back in his legs, I love it... praise the Lord for answered prayers and miracles!

His day kept getting better... in occupational therapy Becky set a tennis racket next to Adam's side, he reached over for it, picked it up and Becky through a balloon in the air and had Adam hit it with the racket, not only did he hit, but he moved his head and eyes to watch where the balloon was going!!!  This was amazing!!!  He was so alert and awake for all his therapies, I am just giving God the glory tonight for granting me the desires of my heart and answering prayers... GO ADAM!!!

It gets better... since they started the antibiotics yesterday Adam seems to be doing better, so they decided to recheck his respiratory pressures to see if he would be able to tolerate his speaking valve on his trach, which has been off for almost a week.  His numbers were perfect and the valve went back on this afternoon!!!

After therapies Adam was pretty alert and awake this afternoon so we spent some good time together.  I showed him pictures, asked him questions, it was wonderful being in his arms talking to him.  All day today I was getting really good responses with head nods for yes and no's!  This evening I asked Adam if he knows he's my man and he shook his head no, but looked at me funny, so I asked him if he just wanted to hear me say that he's my man and he shook his head yes.  I love my man and his sense of humor!!!

One incredible today, I am giving God all the glory for the miracles that took place today.  God is so good and He is so faithful... so worthy of all our praise, honor, and glory.  1 Chronicles 16:29 "Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; bring an offering and come before him. Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness."


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to read of Adam's progress. I am keeping you all in my prayers each day.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I pray that every day will be as productive and inspiring as the one you described. GO ADAM!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amy, I too, praise God for how well Adam is doing. I praise Father for the way you can see the miracles in what others might take for granted. I continue to trust Father for your sweet family. I love you, Marion

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