Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Endurance To Keep Running

The late Adrian Rogers who has always been one of my favorite pastors to listen to, I could listen to him preach all day every day... he wrote the following:

Running With Endurance
“Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit.” John 12:24   You can tell the size of a Christian by what it takes to stop him. Hebrews 12:1 says we are to “run with patience the race that is set before us.” And this word “patience” is not used in the sense that we use the word. It literally means “endurance.” Everybody knows that a runner is going to win or lose primarily by his endurance. You cannot quit. When it hurts, you cannot quit. When your lungs are on fire, you cannot quit. When your feet feel like lead, you cannot quit. When your sides ache, you cannot quit! You’ll never be a spiritual athlete if you’re a quitter! No pain. No gain. Thank God for His power that enables you to run the race and gain the victor’s crown!

I am thankful tonight that it's His power that enables us to not just run the race, but that gets us out of bed to face the race every morning... Amen?!!!  When it hurts I know I can keep going because I am not alone, when the pain feels unbearable and too much, I know God is carrying us through this... I loved this reminder today and I hope you will find your strength in through the Savior to keep running your race.

Adam had another appointment today for his trach.  Dr. Song, let us know that Adam has an infection in his trach called Tracheitis, which is inflammation of the trach.  The antibiotics and steroids that Adam was started on Monday should help with this, he was also given a new trach while we were there and he seems much more comfortable.  However, this evening, after mentioning to Dr. Chae that Adam's stomach is upset he said that the antibiotic that Adam is on causes it.  So tomorrow if his stomach is still upset then he will the infectious disease doctor and come up with a new antibiotic.  Please pray that Adam's stomach will feel better, because he is so sensitive to medication changes I would hate to go through another change.

Adam was uncomfortable for most of the day today and was having some difficulties.  I think his stomach was bothering him most of the day.  He did have an awesome day in physical therapy with Erin, he sat on the table holding himself up without holding onto the table, he was able to do this for 45 seconds!!!  He also tried to pull himself into the wheelchair today and buckle himself!!!  He's amazing!  He rode the bike again and was able to ride and pedal himself for 9 minutes, then it was time to go, so Erin asked him to stop and he did all on his own.  He was having problems stopping last week and did awesome today!!!  I am so proud of him and how hard he works.  He is so strong and getting stronger and stronger everyday.  In the last week we are seeing Adam have so much purposeful movements in his legs and arms, it's been so awesome to watch Adam endure this race and keep fighting to recover,  praise the Lord that He walks before Adam every moment of the way.

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Anonymous said...

Thank YOU, Amy!! I was/am dealing with an issue. Your words spoke right to it. Thank you for listening to Father and sharing what He has for you to say. I continue to trust Father for you and your dear family. Much love, Marion Hansen

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