Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Great Day To Rejoice In

One of my favorite reminders comes from Psalm 118:24  "The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad." We seek the Lord for His blessings, prosperity, and success. But true discipleship is focusing NOT on the blessings of the Lord, but on the Lord of the blessings!  We can rejoice in our blessings, but let’s not dwell on them! Let’s set our eyes on the Lord and the calling He has for us. When He sees that we have pure and willing hearts, He will be faithful to use us to accomplish His glorious plan!  Lord, please help me daily to set my eyes on You, make me Your disciple.  Where there is pride in my heart, tear it down and rebuild it with humility, teach me to focus Lord on You and You alone.  Thank you Father for all that You have done already, all that You are doing, and all that is yet to come.  I rejoice in today, thank you for the blessings that You have given us this day.  I love you, and it's in Your holy name I pray... Amen.

In case you can't already tell, I don't reread what I wrote, this blog is a place I release all my thoughts from the day and lay my day to rest.  It's the last thing I do before I shut my eyes at night, it's a release, it's therapeutic, it's my outlet... so I am so sorry for the sentences that might not make sense and for all the grammatical errors.  Thank you all for taking the time to read and pray for us... we are so blessed by you all walking this journey with us.

With that said... let's move onto Adam's awesome day!!!  Adam started his day pretty sleepy today, he didn't sleep well last night because he had an upset stomach that kept him awake.  I think I mentioned last night that the antibiotic that Adam is on for his trach is causing his upset stomach.  It seemed to get better as the day went on, but in the morning he reached down and was pointing at his stomach and when I asked if it was hurting he nodded yes.  Today in physical therapy, Erin had Adam in the walking machine, Adam did awesome!!!   He walked the farthest and fastest yet.... and guess what, his left side didn't need any assistance!!!  He's so strong!  He's amazing.  He tracked really well with his eyes today, going to the right is difficult for him and he was doing really well initiating moving his eyes and head to the right! 

In occupational therapy, Becky was out so Lori filled in.  She brought Adam a ring toss game.  He had to place the rings onto the pole.  He did awesome!!!  He reached up and grabbed the ring from Lori's hand, then he stretched his arm forward to put the ring on the pole and he let go!!!  It was so funny, after about 3 he let out the biggest sigh because he was working so hard to concentrate!  GO ADAM!!!!  Please be praying for Adam's time in speech therapy, I think he's bored and needing a really good challenge, because he just hasn't want to engage Stacie too much.

Adam's parents have been in town for the week and are heading back home tomorrow, so please pray for them, I know leaving is so very hard for them. Also pray for safe travels. Tonight was a good time, they took Mackenzie and I out to dinner, Jack and Cookie could not believe I had never had lobster so we had a lobster dinner, it was so fun... here are a few pictures from our evening.

 Jack, Cookie, Me, and Mackenzie
 Jack getting ready to dig into his dinner
 Doesn't it look like he's saying "eat me"?
Mackenzie, Cookie, Jack, Me, and Adam's cousin Cameron and his wife Parveen (they live in Boston)


Jody Blair said...

Amy, YOU are amazing!!! I know that is not where you want the focus to keep pointing to the Lord!!! And that is why you are amazing!! You have been and ARE such an encouragement TO ME!! God is using your trials and your growing faith to GROW MINE and touch so many people. THANKYOU for your FAITHFULNESS to HIM first and to your special family. I am still walking with you, standing firm and believing with you for Adam's full, complete, incredible recovery. Eventhough we have not met, I have a special love for you and your family. You all are part of my every day. Your words are the last thing I read each I go to sleep praying for each of you and wake up praying for your day ahead. God bless you !!!!! Love and prayers, Jody Blair (Tualatin, Oregon)

Anonymous said...


We are praising God for the progress Adam has been making these last few weeks. The girls and I miss you so much. I have some good "Strynarness" stories to share when you get a chance!(Sorry Mary) Our last girls night just wasn't the same. Thank you for always taking the time out each evening to share your day and thoughts. It has been such an encouragement to me.

Love and miss you!
Lisa C

Anonymous said...

Well!! Now I know what Adam will look like when he's older.!!!!!! Amy, Father is so pleased with how you honor Him. He delilghts to hear, and answer your prayers. I love you and continue to trust Father for you and your dear family. Marion Hansen

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