Tuesday, November 2, 2010

UH HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our faith isn't based solely on the good times. If you remember when Jesus called the disciples he said simply "Come, follow me." He didn't mention to them to get their backpacks, or check on there affairs. He simply stated "come, follow me." He never promised that it would be easy and He didn't try to explain it. He wanted the disciples and He wants us to follow after Him. If you are hurting or suffering today I ask that you simply read James 1:1-4 and embrace the promise that we are being tested so that our joy may be made complete. May our joy be made complete today!

I am once again rejoicing in the joy that God has given me today!!!!  Adam has had another great day making HUGE gains!!! During occupational therapy with Becky, Adam sat on the edge of the therapy bench all by himself for over 10 minutes (the whole time he was sitting he was moving his head back and forth to and from noises), but can you believe that... 10 minutes!!!!  He's amazing!!!  Oh, it just gets better... during physical therapy with Erin,  Adam was on a special machine that suspends him in the air, allowing him to stand and Erin can control how much Adam is standing on his own.  At one point she had Adam holding all his own body weight and he was starting to get tired and was vocalizing that he was done.  Erin asked Adam several times if he needed to sit down and take a break and the fourth time she asked him he said UH HUH!!!!!!  My man is incredible!!!!  I AM SO PROUD OF YOU ADAM!!!!  Thank you Jesus for hearing the cries of my heart, please continue to heal Adam and please allow the ability to speak and process to continue to progress and allow Adam to miraculously be healed in these areas, it's in your powerful and mighty name I pray, Amen!!!!

Please keep praying for my man, he is amazing and has come such a long ways, and it's because you all have been so faithful to pray for him and to faithfully walk this journey with us.  Please continue to pray every day for Adam's speech and processing capabilities.  Never give up on praying for Adam's FULL recovery.

Adam's appointment with the ENT went okay.  Adam has a granulated tissue sitting on top of his trach that is causing some difficulty when inhaling.  This was most likely caused by Adam's acid reflux or GERD.  The doctor that he saw at Massachusetts General Dr. Song, prescribed Adam a double dose of this medication he is already on for his acid reflux, if in a month when we go back for his recheck, the tissue is still there, Adam will have to go through another surgery to get this removed.  It will be an operation because of the highly vascular area it's in.  I am praying and believing that in a month on Dec 1st when we go back for his appointment that they will not see a thing, that the tissue will have healed.  Please join me in praying for this as well, my man has already been through 12 surgeries, let's pray that he doesn't have to go through one more.  My God is bigger and He is mighty to heal... Amen?!!!!

When I was at Dr. Song's office today the nurse Kim and I got to talking and she shared with my that she is a believer and getting ready to share her testimony this weekend at a woman's retreat, please pray for her as she is sharing her testimony of hope, and God's goodness in her life. Pray that she will be able to have the spirit of boldness and not of timidity.  Pray for hearts to be open and prepared for what she has prepared to share.  Join me in keeping her in prayer all week.

I got so caught up in Adam's day today and spent the day rejoicing and praising God for all that He as done, that I forgot to take a picture of the postcard wall today, but I will make another attempt tomorrow. 


Kathleen said...

Praise God!!!! Amy, I am so stinkin' excited for you! Voice is such a wonderful thing. I know it's going to be so much fun for you both, not to mention amazing...I love you guys and think about you lots!

Anonymous said...

God is good! I am believing with you for that FULL recovery of your husband.

Anonymous said...

Amy!!!! Praise God!! He does hear and delight to answer our prayers. I will trust with you, about Kim's speaking this weekend. Father has gone before nd has blessed the situation with His grace and favor. AMEN and AMEN. I will also trust with you for Adam's full recovery. Blessings to you and Mackenzie, too. Your new friend, Marion Hansen

Kimberly Lynne said...

Our God is an awesome God!!! Praying for Adams "FULL recovery"! My spirit jumps every time I see those words... I believe God delights in your Faith. Blessings, strength and refreshing to you, Adam and Mackenzie. Keep standing strong...Love you all!

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