Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You Military and Families

I just want to take a moment and thank all those who have served, currently serving and their families for their service to our great nation.  I am forever grateful for what you all have done and continue to do on a daily basis.  Thank you for fighting for my freedom and for my family.  I want to especially thank our good friend Matt for his service and his families sacrifice this last year as he served in Afghanistan, thank you Matt, Lisa, and kids, you all have blessed us so much with your service.

We have an answer... finally!  So Adam had his MRI last night and we ended up getting the results late this afternoon.  I had to get patient relations involved so that we can speed along our process at MGH, thankfully they jumped on board and are looking into how they can make their system run more effiectly.  Anyway, the MRI showed that Adam's shunt may be draining too much CSF, this is referred to as overshunting.  Thankfully this has such a quick and painless fix.  The neurosurgeon comes in and uses a magnet againist the placement of the shunt and they twist it to the next level with a special magnet that reads the shunts level at the same time.  It's awesome that Adam has a programmable shunt otherwise this would have required a surgery... thank God that his shunt is programmable!  So they wanted to keep Adam overnight for observation and looks like if all goes well, we get to go back to Spaulding tomorrow!  I can't wait to return, we have lost some ground while being at MGH and I am eager to gain it back.

Since it was Veterans Day, Mackenzie didn't have school today and we had a great day together.  We spent most of it with Adam, but we did walk across the street and down 2 blocks to Spaulding.  Last week Mackenzie met a little girl on the pediatric floor who is a year younger than she is, they are becoming friends.  Last week while Mackenzie had an appointment with the Child Life Specialist at Spaulding  she saw this little girl in physical therapy relearning how to walk.  Mackenzie, with her own money, bought her a special pair of socks that have the grippers on the bottom to keep your feet from sliding.  They were purple and had butterflies on they because this little girl loves the color purple and butterflies... how sweet is that.  It was so cute watching the 2 girls together this afternoon, I think it brought healing for both of them.  They scheduled another play date for next week.

Please pray specifically for Adam as we are getting ready to transfer back to Spaulding.  Pray that we will be able to gain back quickly the ground that has been lost.  Pray again, please, for Adam to make huge leaps ahead in his recovery.  Please pray for continued progress in his therapies.  Pray that this latest adjustment of his shunt will help propel him forward.  Pray for Adam, Mackenzie, and I to be healthy as we head into cold and flu season.  Above all pray for Adam's FULL restoration, FULL recovery.  1 John 5:14 and 15 "This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of him"

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Jewel said...

That is so sweet of MacKenzie. She has such a caring heart! I <3 her:)

I was listening to Focus on the family yesterday and the day before and they were interviewing soldiers and mostly talking about ptsd. One story stood out to me and one part of the story in particular. They were talking to a soldier who had suffered a tramatic brain injury after a serious car accident. After the army retired him he wanted to go to siminary and become a pastor. The physicians, specialists and it seemed everyone else except his family told him it was impossible. With his memory problems and his other issues he would not be able to go through school, much less be a pastor. You'll have to listen to his story if you get a chance, although I warn you the accident they were in was pretty horrific, but anyway, he ended up graduating with honors and is working for an organization that helps men and women with ptsd. It was truly an amazing story of God accomplishing the impossible and it encouraged me for you. I believe in a God of miracles and thank you for sharing the every day ones with us:)

Love ya!

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