Monday, November 29, 2010

Speech Is Just A Matter Of Time!!!!

Where do I begin... Adam's day was awesome!!!
Let me start from the beginning... Like I mentioned yesterday Adam has been a little sleepy, and yesterday he wasn't really responding to me... so when I got to the hospital this morning I was watching him closely while I bathed him and got him ready for the day.  Still he was sleepy and not quite himself.  So I spoke with Dr. Chae and shared my concerns.  After listening to my concerns, he wanted to make sure that that Adam's shunt is still draining at the right level.  So he ordered a CT scan just to be sure everything is good.  So Adam and I took a field trip across the street and down a couple blocks to Massachusetts General Hospital to get a CT scan.  We should hear the results of Adam's CT scan tomorrow.  (I think everything is fine, after how awesome his day unfolded).

Adam was pretty tired during speech therapy and right after speech Adam had physical therapy with Erin.  A few weeks ago I talked about a special bike that the gym has that Adam's wheelchair pulls right up to and we strap his feet into.  The bike has a motor as well as lets Adam manually pedal.   The bike's screen tells us when Adam is pedaling verses the motor pedaling.  It also tells us what percentage of each leg is pedaling.  Adam pedaled by himself for ten minutes!!!  He went 1/3 of a mile and each leg was pedaling 50/50!!!!  This is amazing!  He's so strong and getting better every day!  I was cheering him on with every pedal... I am so proud.

Stacie, Adam's speech therapist, mentioned to me last week that she and Adam's other therapists were talking and they all believe that Adam can do more than he is doing.  They all agree that Adam is doing awesome, but there is something holding him back and they wanted to figure out what it is that is holding him back so they asked Dr. Giacino Director of Rehabilitation Neuropyschology, to evaluate Adam.  He is head of Adam's team and helps come up with the plan for Adam's care. So Adam's whole team met as they discussed his case, this consisted of Adam's therapist, the nursing manager, the case manager, the social worker, Dr. Chae and his residents and  Dr. Giacino who performed his evaluation by asking Adam do follow commands.  Adam needed help staying awake because he came straight from physical therapy, he followed all commands, he did a thumbs up, he vocalized when he was asked, he nodded his head, he did all of this and quickly... he did everything!!!  He's amazing!!! 

Knowing that the speech/language center of Adam's brain has suffered damaged, yet seeing him respond so quickly, Dr. Chae discussed with Dr. Giacino what he thought Adam's prognosis was about understanding language, being able to speak... his response was that based off the way Adam responded today, he defiantly understands language and it will only be a matter of time before he starts talking!  Both Dr. Chae and Dr. Giacino agreed!!!  They confirmed what we already knew, God is at work in Adam's brain!!!  Keep praying for Adam's speech and processing, while this is awesome news, please never give up on praying for my man, God hears your prayers and is answering them!!!  After they were done and Adam and I were back in his room, I hit my knees in Adam's room, just praising God for what He has already done, what He is doing, and what is yet to come!  There are no words for my heart and how much it is overflowing with praise for our Healer!!!  God is so good!  Jeremiah 17:14 "Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise."


Karie Garner said...

This is wonderful! It's so exciting to be a part of your prayer team and see the answers. God is good!!!

Kathleen said...

Amy! I can't wait for Adam to start talking!!!! It's going to be sooooo amazing! I know every word that Cale speaks is such a blessing to my ears and heart...I know it will be the same for you! I am praying for speech! Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my friend, I needed to hear this. "Thank You, Jesus, for the healing in Adam's brain." I love you, Marion

The Caudill Clan said...

It was so good this morning to be greeted with a picture of the 2 of you. I love to see the both of you smiling and praising God. Praying and thinking of you daily. Miss and love you lots!! Loves, Kelly

Anonymous said...

Tears of Joy!!! God is so Good!!! Continuing to pray daily for a FULL recovery and Gods grace to overflow toward all three of you, giving you strength and courage to face each day. Our god is an awesome God!
Love you, Aunt Kimberly

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