Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So Thankful For All Of You

I want to take a moment and thank all of you who have supported us in this journey, thank you for your letters, cards, emails, facebook messages, text messages, postcards, care packages, ect.  I apologize if I have not responded back, please know from the bottom of my heart that I am so appreciative and my heart is overflowing with thanksgiving.  Each blessing you have poured out to us has touched me deeply and I pray for each of you to be blessed back. I thank God for each and every blessing that has been sent our way, because He uses you all to speak to me.  As much as I would love to write back, and spend time catching up on emails and voicemails... I know it sounds so trite, but time just hasn't allowed for it.  My days with Adam are busy.  Once I get to the hospital in the morning, I hit the ground running and I don't stop till I am laying my head on the pillow to blog at night before I close my eyes. 

My days are busy, between Adam's care (the only thing I don't do is push medications because legally I can't), therapy sessions (where I play an active role), meetings between case managers, social workers, doctors, court issues... ect., keeping track of every medication alone is a full time job.  On top of all of this I try to balance my time with Mackenzie and making sure I am not lacking as her mother.  Any moment of time to myself I do get, if any... I indulge myself in the Word because it's my refuge.  This is 7 days a week, 24 hours a day... so please understand that I would love to respond to everyone who has graciously given a piece of your heart to us, I am just not capable to do so at this time.  Please know that it is your letters, care packages, and messages that get me through the darkest hours, the most painful tears, it's your encouragement that God seems to bring to me at the right moment, in His time, so thank you so much for being so obedient to His voice and His calling to reach out and send something to us... it is used in a mighty way to speak directly to my heart.  Not to mention your letters and packages to Mackenzie has made her to feel very blessed and encouraged at just the right moments.  Please don't take this message and not reach out to us, we need you and for a moment think you are burdening me by reaching out... please just be patient with me.  Your faithfulness in reaching out to us during this journey has been an inspiration to me, thank you so much.  1 Thessalonians 1:2 "We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers."

Adam had another sleepless night last night for no particular reason... so he was pretty sleepy most of the day today.  In speech therapy, Stacie started a new plan with him that is really cool.  She uses this switchboard that you can plug different things into and then has a large button that Adam can push to control the object plugged into the switchboard.  So today she plugged in Adam's fan and every time Adam would push the button, it would turn on and off his fan.  He did pretty good, but was pretty sleepy so I can't wait to see what Adam's response will be when he has had a little more sleep.  In physical therapy, Erin got Adam up in the walking equipment again today... Adam pretty good... it's hard to fall asleep when you're trying to learn to walk.  In occupational therapy with Becky, Adam slept through just about the entire session... it was difficult to even get him to open his eyes today. 

Please join me in praying for Adam to get some good rest in tonight so he is ready to work hard tomorrow.   Please also pray for his doctor's appointment tomorrow for his trach, I will be joining Adam on this field trip adventure tomorrow.  We go to find out if his granulated tissue has shrunk any, we are praying that it has shrunk enough to where it either won't be there or it's small enough they'll be able to laser it off... if not he'll have to have a surgery to have it removed which means going under again... please pray against this, I really don't want Adam to have to endure another surgery.  No matter the outcome, I have the peace of Christ and I continue to stand before God with a heart of gratitude giving Him thanks for all that He has done, to Him be the glory.  Praise God for His peace that truly does surpass ALL understanding.


Anonymous said...

Amy... you are doing an incredible service to your family, friends and concerned onlookers. It shows considerable thoughtfulness to be concerned with those that you feel you have neglected. Just remember- you cannot be all things to all people. Unless I miss my guess most here are sharing your "season" and "walk". That being said, most get it. I do. May He continue to give you the strength, compassion and faith that you have shown all of us.

Anonymous said...

My Friend, I quite agree with the previous writer. You do an incredible job just being/doing what Father has put before you. If some question goes unanswered it's okay. I love you and am grateful for being even a small part of your life. I continue to trust Father for you all. Marion

Ashton said...

Hi there Amy - Ashton here.

I spoke a lot with Gordon and Tracy who report back that Adam is in the best hands ever - YOURS! Sure, Adam is surround by a team of medical professionals but they say you are the force that will get Adam through this. I barely know you (although I am officially your Uncle you know)but have come to know you more than nearly anyone because of your blog. Thank you for that and please know that I send prayers to you all on a daily basis. Ashton

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