Sunday, November 7, 2010

Remaining In Him

I am marveling at how well God takes care of every need and desire.  Last night when I posted how much I needed sleep, God provided an extra hour through daylight savings ending.  I woke up ridiculously early, but it was so great to get to the hospital so early... and I have felt rested all day.  So thank you for praying for me, and my family.

Adam had a good day today.  He was awake and alert, and had periods of very restful sleep.  So far every test result has come back negative and whatever was going on with him seems to be resolving. We are still waiting his vascular ultrasound (this will check for any blood clots), but we should know the results by morning, and usually no news right aways means good news.  There has been talk of Adam being discharged from MGH tomorrow and sent back to Spaulding in the morning, so this is good!

Mackenzie and I enjoyed our day with Adam, we hung out and made his room home for the day.  I know Adam enjoys when we are there around him and fighting over who gets to be in the bed with him.  Tonight before we left I read to both Adam and Mackenzie, it was so nice to spend time as a family, may not be how we used to spend time together, but none the less, anytime we are together is so wonderful and such a gift, something I will never take for granted.

Each moment is a gift we are given, I am so thankful that God has given me so many wonderful moments with Adam and Mackenzie.  That I was chosen to be Adam's wife and Mackenzie's mom, what a blessing and a gift I will forever treasure.  I love Jim and Elizabeth Elliot, their story is amazing and how God used both of them amazes me.  I have read many of Elizabeth's writings and she often quotes from Jim's journal.  In one of her writings she wrote this quote from Jim's journal, "Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God." She goes onto write, "The stillness in which we find God is not superficial, a mere absence of fidgeting or talking. It is a deliberate and quiet attentiveness--receptive, alert, ready." 

This quietness in the presence of God, this being "all there" for Him, though I treasure it and long for it, is not easy to maintain.  When I stay in the moment, it's so much easier for me to remain in God's presence because I am remaining in Him when I keep my focus on the moment He has given me.  In John 15:4 Jesus says "Remain in me, as I also remain in you."  I encourage you, at the same time I am challenging myself to, as Jim Elliot wrote, "wherever you are, be all there", be all in the moment that God has given you.


Anonymous said...

Dear One, Next time you write, it will be from Spaulding. :) I so appreciate your talking of our "Gifts" from Father. You are a gift from Him to me. He only gives the very best. Marion Hansen

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord,
Thinking of Adam and his family and all they are going through. Such a high calling upon their lives to be so totally dependant upon you. Your riches to them in the end will be uncountable - so many battles and countless victories. The greatest resource from all of this is the need in their hearts to draw closer & more dependant upon you and the 'gift' to all their family & friends is the joy of watching you the creator & sustainer of life daily unfolding your precious plans! Adam & his family are true missionaries in this world. Thank you Lord for calling them out. You will truly bless & sustain them. Amen

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