Monday, November 22, 2010

A Kiss Seals Two Souls For A Moment In Time. ~ Levende Waters

Sorry... Don't know why this didn't post last night.

I am going to ask all of you to please pray for Adam's muscle tone.  I have mentioned this for the last few days because Adam's muscles have increasingly been getting tighter and he has had to work even harder to do things in therapy.  We haven't been able to find any reason for his muscle to change the way it has this last week, so I ask you all to pray specifically for his muscle tone to decrease so that he doesn't have to fight it.

Adam had a pretty good day.  He has such a great team of therapists working with him, I am so thankful for Stacie (speech), Erin (physical therapy), and Becky (occupational therapy), they all do such an amazing job working with Adam and talking to him in a that challenges him and encourages him.  He was practicing standing with Erin today and he was engaging in a lot of movements with her today.  In speech, Adam was doing awesome with his thumbs up, he seems to be getting better and better with it every day.  In occupational therapy... we got a head nod!!!!  Becky asked him a question and he appropreiately responded shaking his head no!!!  GO ADAM!!!

I am praising God for the miracles He is doing in Adam's recovery every day... my miracle and special moment today... I always ask Adam for a kiss before I kiss him.  I do this so I don't startle him.  This morning I asked him for a kiss and I asked him both verbably and with a hand motion to come close to me and give me a kiss... he leaned toward me, closed his eyes, and was trying so hard to pucker his lips... he was kissing me back today!!!  I love my man and every day he tells me through his eyes, and actions!!!  He loves me.  My love for Adam grows with every passing moment, God  continues to give me a new love for my man every day, such a gift.  I pray for all you wives that God will give you a new love for your husband so you may experience a taste of how amazing this is.  1 John 3:18 "Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth."  Adam challenges me in this verse everyday, he works so hard every day and does such an amazing job truly showing me with his actions, it challenges me to do the same.  There are no words needed or necessary to say I love you, actions speak for themsel

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Anonymous said...

Father!! Thank you for what you are doing in Adam's life and that of his wife and daughter. You are in control of ALL aspects of our being. I ask now, that you loosen Adam's muscle tone and allow him freedom of movement. You said if two or three ask in your Son's name, it shall be done for them. I am trusting with Amy for Your healing touch in this area. I love You. Amen Amy, a sweet gift from Father for just you. I love my husband. You help me to be even more thankful for him, and for him wanting me. :)

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