Saturday, November 20, 2010

God's Word

Quick update tonight... I haven't be able to sleep well this week and I am pretty tired so I am going to make this quick...

The one positive about not being able to sleep and it being a weekend, Mackenzie can stay at home with Sharon and Lester and sleep in and I can go to the hospital whenever... so this morning around 4:30 I finally got up and made my way into the hospital.  I was told Adam didn't sleep well either, but as soon as I got there he looked at me, smiled, took a deep breath and closed his eyes and slept for almost 4 hours!  I think he needed me as much as I needed him.  I love him.  He was able to sleep all morning because he didn't begin therapy until this afternoon, he had occupational therapy, where they worked on stretching his arms... please keep praying for Adam's muscle tone, we need his muscles to relax so we can keep making progress.

Adam and I started reading Screwtape Letters by: C.S.Lewis yesterday, so when he finished with therapy today I curled up on his bed and read to him.  What an interesting book, I could tell Adam was interested because every time I paused he would make eye contact with me.  He did the same thing this morning when I was reading our devotion out of Psalms.  I love that I can see how aware he is, what a blessing, and a wonderful miracle this is!

I apologize that I forgot to update you all last night on Mackenzie... all her tests came back good and xrays looked good, so she either pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle.  She is suppose to take it easy, but is already back to running around normal again... Praise the Lord!  Thank you for praying for her.

Tonight I had a conversation with a very close friend of mine, and she and I were talking about how grateful we were for God's word, spoken and written.  It brings comfort, peace, guidance, joy, encouragement... and so much more.  Praise God that we have God's word available to us daily. "When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight" Jeremiah 15:16.  Meditate on the power of the Word and how blessed we are to have it so available to us.  I am so grateful for God's word.

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Anonymous said...

My Friend!! When I am away from home overnight, my husband tells me he didn't sleep well. I love that gift from Father. I am delighted to hear Mackenzie is OKAY!! Yes, I will continue to pray for Adam's flexability and muscle tone. I love you guys. Hugs and blessings, Marion Hansen

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